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Writers Boon is a Publishing & Marketing One-Stop Shop for Authors

writers-boonThere are many sites which serve as services marketplaces where authors and publishers can hire the freelance help they need to finish a book, and most industry trade groups like IBPA and ECPA maintain a freelancer directory which fills a similar need.

But there are far fewer sites which pull together _all_ the resources, including assistance, tools, and information an author might require in their day to day business.

One such site just launched.

Billed as "the newest and possible, most comprehensive Publishing & Marketing Roadmap, Curated Directory, Deals and Reviews platform for authors and bloggers", Writers Boon is an all-in-one site where authors can find anything they need to run a publishing business.

The site was founded by Australian author Carol Vorvain. She set out to make the site she had needed most when she was getting started years ago:

I was determined to create a one-stop destination where writers could find guidance, resources and the latest hot deals on the best Experts, Guides and Tools. And, with the help of a hard-working, dedicated team, I did it.

Now, with Writers Boon, authors and bloggers can easily find their way through the publishing and marketing maze or shop for proven resources. More, they can add notes, tag favorites, securely message businesses to request a quote and leave feedback on the experience.

There is also a Q&A section, where, when in doubt, writers can ask questions and get answers from one of the experts on the topic. As opposed to a forum where you get tons of opinions, but rarely a well-informed, straight answer, we think of our Q&A as a free hot line writers have with the best industry professionals out there. This way, you get to know who they are and they get to know you. And who knows, it might lead to a future collaboration. It’s a win-win situation.

To ensure the quality of the site, our team goes over each submission to make sure it fits our standards. Our goal is to attract only real professionals and useful tools.

Writers Boon is the first site I know of to focus on the business aspect of publishing; in comparison, the services marketplaces mostly focus on the act of publishing a book and leave everything else as an afterthought.

That might not make any sense, so let me give you an example.

I make author websites, but I can’t get listed in Reedsy or Bibliocrunch (just to name two examples) because they don’t have a category for web design.

Because those two sites focus on publishing as an act rather than as a business, they don’t cover all of the services an author needs for their business. Those two sites also lack categories for tax accountants or lawyers, but you will find these types of freelancers through Writers Boon.

If you have the time and need to find either freelancers or information, you should check it out.

The site is free for users.

Vendors, on the other hand, have to pay for listings.

Writers Boon




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