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E-ink Signs New Screen Tech Licensing Deal

E-ink is best W_1227585655[1]known for their award-winning epaper screen tech but that’s not that they do. E-ink’s Korean subsidiary, Hydis, is a leading screen tech developer and they just signed a new licensing deal with a Chinese screen manufacturer.

BOE Technology Group, which is reportedly China’s largest flat panel supplier, has signed a new patent licensing agreement with Hydis. The exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the parties have said that BOE will be using Hydis’s fringe field switching tech in the screens it produces.

In addition to BOE other flat panel suppliers such as  Taiwan’s AUOptronics, Innolux, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes as well as Japan’s Sharp have licensed the FFC patents. And of course E-ink’s screen technology can also be extensively found on the Sony, Pocketbook, and Nook ebook readers.

Horizon Securities analyst Stanley Hsu said ereader shipments reached a peak of 20 million units in 2012 and then fell to 16 million units in 2013. The drop in shipments has been reflected in E-ink’s income, which have fluctuated as the company sought other sources of revenue. E-ink CFO Eddie Chen recently told investors that E-ink’s revenues were expected to drop 10% next quarter.

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Syn April 4, 2014 um 3:12 pm

BOE Hydis, (they must have split the company) use to make some of the best screens on the old windows tablets/convertibles.

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