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E-ink’s most unusual product – a Snowglobe

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Did you catch the interview that Charbax shot at IFA-Berlin? It was a 20 minute clip with Sriram Peruvembra, the head of E-ink’s marketing department, talking about E-ink’s screen tech, products, and future plans. (Go watch it; it’s worth it.)

Sri spends the first few minutes of the video talking about how the E-ink screen tech works, and while he’s talking he also uses a small clear plastic ball to demonstrate how the technology works.

The ball I’m holding at right is one of the demo units. It’s technically not a product  because E-ink don’t actually sell it. But it is very cool, isn’t it?

The ball represents one of the capsules of an E-ink screen. The little black and white dots floating in the clear liquid represents the pigment micro capsules. I’m not going to go into a long technical explanation how it works, but I will direct you to a complicated and technical explanation on Wikipedia.

This little ball is even more fun to hold than it is to watch in the video, and it’s a testament to the value of having a prop. This little ball is the main reason TechCrunch (and probably other sites) posted the interview.

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