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The Digital Reader – Empowering Relationships

This is just a short hello from the new owners of The Digital Reader. First of all, I would like to thank Nate for providing the most useful ereading news and insights on the internet through a whole decade (and probably the decade when it matters most).

I run my own ereading blog in the past and always appreciated his dedication. We had occasional contact via mail and twitter over the years and briefly met in person (at an industry event 2013 at internet archive san francisco). You can follow Nates future journeys on twitter and his blog where he currently publishes a weekly news roundup.

The new Digital Reader

Regarding The Digital Reader, there is a reason why there was not much ereading news coverage going on here within the last two years. Like in every "matured" market, there is just not as much excitement to report as in the early stages.

Back in the days in a regular week companies of a scale like LG and Samsung entered the market by introducing their own ereading hardware, panel producer e-ink showcased a new color-panel-technique, Amazon made a test run with a completely new book format and some startups tried their luck with super-innovative storytelling apps. Today it’s big news when the kindle gets an additional font. Not that exciting both for editors and readers.

But what The Digital Reader was always about at its core was reading and by that interacting with us and others. Reading excites us, entertains us, helps us learn new things, and is something plenty of conversations and social circles are about.

We are focussing on this social aspect in the future. The new Digital Reader helps you develop a better relationship with yourself and enjoy yourself more – by gaining mindfulness, thinking positive, improving your self-esteem. Besides we are improving your relationships with your loved ones by providing thoughtful birthday wishes, fitting conversion starters, and much more.

Who we are and what we do

Our team

Speaking of "us": We are the 4pub GmbH, a small online publishing company based in cologne, Germany. You see our office in the main image above. We run a couple of editorial websites covering topics like health and fitness (gesundfit), education and personal development (, and information and entertainment (

In fact, we already have plenty of the exact content in german language we are making The Digital Reader a home for so in the beginning expect a mix of professional translations and original content (which will eventually prevail).

As you can assume our current to-do list is long so don’t expect groundbreaking changes anytime soon. We just wanted to properly introduce ourselves – connected with the hope to keep you as a fellow visitor of The Digital Reader in the future.

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