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Feedly v27.0.2 Adds Support for the iWatch

feedly iwatch apple watchSupport for Apple’s smartwatch continues to grow about as fast as the watches are being produced.

Feedly joined a still limited club yesterday with the latest update to its iOS app. This is a limited update which adds just better search auto-completion and support for the iWatch.

If you have an iWatch you can now use it to browse your feeds and read the titles. There’s no mention of whether you can read a post on the iWatch, but the screenshots do show that a user can save an item, tag it, or mark it as read.

Feedly hasn’t posted instructions on how to do this, so I would hope that the app will tell you when you first use it. If you have an iWatch and use Feedly, do let me know exactly what the new app can do.

I’m curious to see whether the Feedly app will prove useful. It’s not the first news app to let you browse titles on the iWatch, but this has never struck me as a useful feature.

I think a more limited use of the iWatch, like Instapaper’s TTS option, would make for a better use of the iWatch’s ability. But then again, I would never buy an iWatch so what do I know.

You can find the app in iTunes.

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