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First Real hands on of the Sharper Image Literati (NYTimes)

The very first in depth of the Literati was posted yesterday in the New York Times. If you’re wondering why I didn’t get it first, well, as great as I am I’m not the NYTimes. The reviewer had some fairly good insights into the design of the Literati:

To turn the page, you use left and right buttons positioned on either side of the screen, but I found the placement odd (some competitors have the same configuration). To go back, you push the top button on either the right or the left; I expected the page forward button to be on the right, and the page backward button on the left. Instead, there is one of each on both sides. But that prevents the reader from holding the device at equal height with both hands.

The rest of the review is worth a read.

New York Times

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Alexander Inglis September 30, 2010 um 8:00 am

It’s a pity the reviewer didn’t comment on what it was like with colour content. It seems to me that folks wanting "regular" reading will opt for a b&w e-ink device — more bang for your buck. But this is the lowest priced colour unit but a long mile dedicated to e-reading. Perhaps it underscores the lack of colour content in the market at this time.

aaron483 October 19, 2010 um 10:02 am

Do not buy-The phone number on their support page is no help. They said they do not support Literati. They support the wifi service. The support page has a form to fill out to tell them what the problem is but fails to work. The problem — I will not recognize any pdf’s or ebooks you install yourself. It is why I bought it. Please- If anyone knows how to contact the company, Please post. And pleas don’t say "on Facebook". I will never join.

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