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FlexT9 Android app is free today – Get It Now

Amazon have a different free app everyday, and you really need to go get today’s. It’s one of those that you get now and figure out what you do with it later.

FlexT9 was developed by Nuance (they did the TTS on the Kindle and others). This particular app doesn’t do text to speech, but that’s only because it does input, not output. This is a keyboard app that also translates spoken and written words to text.

I haven’t tried it yet, myself. But it’s one of those "I can’t believe it’s free" kinda deals and I had to share.


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RobBrown May 15, 2011 um 8:44 pm

You may be interested that you can get the swype beta from for "a limited time". I’ve got it on my Viewsonic G-Tablet, and it’s a bust – the keyboard shows and I can tap individual keys, but if I swype a word it doesn’t get inserted in the text field. Might be something to do with my locale being English-UK (actually -NZ), Swype explicitly say that only English-US is supported on 1024×600 resolution.
Thanks for the tip about FlexT9, I’ll be keen to try it out. Of course I can’t get it from Amazon since I’m outside the US. I was happy to stump up the $6 to buy it, but FlexT9 themselves have limited it to US + selected european countries.

Anders R. Sterner June 21, 2013 um 4:18 pm

I’ve moved my Flex T9 keyboard from my Droid X2 to my new Galaxy S4. My user dictionary seems not to have made it. Any idea where that dictionary is in the internal memory, and what the filename should be?

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