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Fnac have sold 12k FnacBook since November

I came across this interesting little tidbit the other day. Fnac are a French retail chain, and back in November they started selling their own ereader (alongside the ones they already carried). According to the magazine Challenges, Fnac have sold 12 thousand of the FnacBook since November.

That’s really not much, is it? I tried to come up with a way to convince you that this was a decent number of units sold, but really it’s not. Sales have been lackluster, and I don’t think they’ll improve. The ereader market in Europe is crowded, and it’s being encroached by tablets. (Why do you think Samsung pulled out?)

via Actualitte

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Mike Cane January 29, 2011 um 7:42 pm

Donna Dubinsky of Palm once famously said: "Anyone can sell 50,000 of anything." So this is a FAIL. Pandigital probably sold more. Hell, the damn Sharper Image crap Literati probably did too.

Phildo January 31, 2011 um 2:20 am

I think you are drawing conclusion a bit fast, if I may.
First, the US are not France, for better or worse.
We are of course less people than in the US.

Second, the eBook is really starting this year, and we do not have a real 3-4 years experience as in the US.

Third, there are no large library chains as in the US (or in other European countries). FNAC is a cultural chain shop, which sells books, dvd, tv, computers, etc.

Four, the book market is not the same here. The price of the book is protected and unique. This was done to protect the book industry, and it succeeded very well. The drawback is that the publisher try to have the most expensive prices they can, even for ebooks, which is not tolerable.

Five. The offer of ebooks is poorer than in the US: you cannot find the book you want. The publishers are just starting to get a bit more nervous about providing there book in digital format.

Six. There are questions about the device itself, which is slow and not very attractive. It reads epub well, but not PDF (and FNAC sells lots of book in PDF format only).

12000 is not a bad figure for a starting market.

Samsung is a hardware manufacturer and cannot be compared to FNAC.

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