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France: eBooks Accounted for 8.4% of Publisher’s Book Sales in 2018

In spite of publishers' best efforts, ebook sales rose in France in 2018.

The ebook segment grew from 202.36 million euros to 212.64 million euros in France in 2018, an increase of 5.1%. eBooks accounted for 8.42% of total publisher turnover in France in 2018, while  in 2017 (following the new methodology applied by the SNE), ebook sales accounted for 7.60% of publishing turnover.

In part the increase can be explained by French publishers finally offering ebooks. In 2017, 1479 French publishers had a digital catalog, and in 2018 that grew to 1557. The number of titles offered also increased, from 280,000, to 328,965.

About 74% of the 212 million in ebooks sold by French publishers were professional and college textbooks, while 13% were literature, and 4% were school books.




image by ActuaLitté via Flickr

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Xavier Basora June 28, 2019 um 6:54 pm


What was the average price of an ebook in France?

Further the French publishers will be really pobnoxious with publishing the blacklists of prolific authors like Sinemon etc. T

he publishers will republish very few books in digital format.and not the best titles


PROYECTO451 July 5, 2019 um 10:09 am

[…] al año anterior. El número de títulos ofrecidos también aumentó, de 280,000 a 328,965 (The Digital Reader, 1 […]

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