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Google eBookstore about to go International?

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If you’re selling ebooks through the Google eBookstore then you might want to go configure the selling options for Canada, Australia, and the UK.

A publisher friend of mine noticed this evening that Google offered a number of new options for his ebooks. We don’t know when the new menus were added, but he can now set the selling price, DRM conditions, etc for 4 different countries now.

Note that this only applies to publishers getting ready. Google won’t actually sell ebooks outside of the US just yet.  An Australian tried to buy an ebook and he could not.

I wouldn’t get to excited just yet; remember, Google had the publisher support pages open to the public months and months before the Google eBookstore launched in December of 2010. They’re just as likely to hold the international expansion for a few months just to make sure content is available.

Does anyone know when those options first appeared?

Edit: Couldn someone in the UK, CA, or AUS try to download the Google eBooks apps for Android or iOS? I want to know if you succeed. If the apps are live already then the expansion should happen soon.

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Mike Cane August 28, 2011 um 8:36 pm

This probably also means that Story HD — or WTF it’s called — device will be sold in those countries soon too.

Ian August 28, 2011 um 11:21 pm

The google ebook app still does not show up on the Australian Android Market

Nate Hoffelder August 28, 2011 um 11:28 pm

Thanks for trying.

Mikaela August 29, 2011 um 1:15 am

I have read on that Google will come to Sweden " within two years." ( I don’t remember the exact phrasing, and I am too lazy to check it up)

Piotr Kowalczyk August 30, 2011 um 1:03 pm

Just to let you know that my Book Partner Program dashboard hasn’t changed since 2008. Looks like no options for authors/publishers are planned for the rest of the world (or at least my lovely Poland).

Marc August 31, 2011 um 2:20 am

iOS in Canada is not available either.

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