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Google eBookstore Confirmed for Australia

A couple weeks ago I brought you news that Google might be planning to expand the Google eBookstore UK, CA, and Australia. At the time I posted I did not have any real proof of their intention other than that they were letting publishers set prices and sales conditions for the new markets.

Today I have something new to show you. One eagle-eyed reader has found a new job listing with Google Australia.  It’s a temp position for a "Google eBooks Site Merchandiser".

It looks to me like Google are hiring the staff for the Australian branch of the Google eBookstore. I can’t get a statement from Google on when they plan to launch down-under, but it should be clear now that they are going to. In fact, the temporary nature of this position argues that Google plan to launch soon, doesn’t it?

Now, I looked at the related jobs pages for Canada and the UK, but I didn’t find any job postings that mentioned the Google eBookstore. I also can’t find anything on Linkedin, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

It’s been just 9 months between the time Google launched the eBookstore and the first hint that it would go international, and compared to some of Google’s services that is actually rather fast. But as I’ve said in the previous post, Google are probably going to be lining up the  publishers for at least a few months before they announce the launch. That’s what they did before the US launch, and there’s no reason for them to change.

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