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How to Browse Over 3G on the Kindle Touch (Maybe)

One of the biggest shortcomings of the Kindle Touch is that you cannot browse over 3G. While it does have a web browser, Amazon has blocked you from using it to visit websites over the 3G connection; you have to use Wifi. This was a big change from past Kindles, all of whom could do it (even the original).

Earlier this week I came across instructions that claim to exploit a loophole.I found them via a deleted post on MobileRead. They reportedly come from the Duokan Forums, which are in Chinese and thus a little beyond my abilities to fact check.

I’m not sure yet if this loophole works or not, but I’m posting it so someone can test it and tell me. I don’t have a 3G equipped Kindle Touch, so I cannot.

Here’s how you can browse any web site over KT’s 3G connection.

  1. Go to Settings, Reading Options, Social Networks, make sure your don’t have your Twitter account linked. Unlink it if you do.
  2.  Select Link Account under Twitter.
  3. The Twitter login page will show up. Don’t login here, instead, click the Twitter icon at upper left corner, it will bring you to the Twitter homepage.
  4. Login with your Twitter account now. It won’t go back to Kindle’s Manage Your Social Networks page.
  5.  Send a tweet with the URL you wait to go. For instance, tweet ""
  6.  Click on Home to force a refresh. You should see your last tweet now.
  7.  Click on the URL

You are free now… One catch, some web site gave me 'Can not connect' error, not sure why.

P.S. I’d really appreciate it if someone could confirm this for me.

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dorachild April 22, 2012 um 8:36 am

It didn’t seem to work….at least when I tried it. I had my Kindle Touch in front of me while I was reading the instructions. I followed the instructions step by step. I was able to get as far as step 2. When I tried step 3 it did not work.

When I clicked the Twitter icon on the Twitter log in page it did NOT bring me to the Twitter home page. Instead it just simply reloaded the Twitter log in page. I tried it three times. Each time I clicked the Twitter icon on the top of the Twitter log in page it simply reloaded the Twitter log in page.

It would not completely surprise me if Amazon forced MobileRead to delete the original post and then closed the loophole. It is clear to me that Amazon no longer wants to include free wireless Internet in their 3 G models.

Andrys April 22, 2012 um 2:04 pm

It certainly should be rather clear since Amazon says so in their (1)Terms, on their (2) Product pages, and in (3) an official announcement on their forums that Kindle Touch’s free-3G -access is for Kindle books and Wikipedia only (let’s see another ereader-maker match the Wikipedia free-3G anywhere offer one offers 3G at all) . The Amazon forum announcement in reply to many queries is an official one from the Director of Kindle and adds that they are keeping free-3G-webbrowsing on the Kindle Keyboard models still being sold globally.

For one thing, KTouch has direct-access to hyperlinks and also uses a faster processor. Obviously, this would encourage more use of free-3G-web-browsing use. It’s a business decision that makes sense, and they left free 3G web-browsing globally for the Kindle Keyboard for owners in 60+ countries that have had it.

MobileRead says it’s been long their policy not to 'help' others on things like this (TOS’s are often taken seriously), and on this, it includes some e-reader users hoping to make sure Amazon pays for 3G not part of the deal but which is would be used by those "would-be-cool" types and expecting that to be just fine.

That kind of smarmy and proud abuse of free-services not offered can have an impact on what IS made accessible for free 3G use.

As has explained, the 3G records are clear — all 3G usage can be tracked on a Kindle-device and owner basis. It’s foolhardy and also theft to take $-costing 3G when it’s not part of the package.

Anyone bent on doing this should get a friggin' Kindle Keyboard if they have to have it on an e-reader for web’g. I used it for years before deciding I’d rather depend on a smartphone, but in Europe, it’s still more cost-feasible to use the K3/KK-3G for webbing and driving directions, etc., than to do roaming charges on a smartphone there.

Nate Hoffelder April 22, 2012 um 2:40 pm

The word "only" might be implied but it is not stated. We’ve already gone over this.

Andrys April 23, 2012 um 6:40 am

As BlogKindle and MobileRead folks will tell you – you’re wrong in this case. You have to combine ALL the info sourcing, not take just the one that seems it might justify it.

Nate Hoffelder April 23, 2012 um 6:43 am

And as a good lawyer told me, I’m not wrong.

Andrys April 23, 2012 um 7:46 am

As you know, you can always find a 'good lawyer' to tell you what you want to hear, especially if based only on the one sentence you’ve kept citing.
You asked about it, and I explained to you what I think and why. For the record, here is what is said by Amazon, and a reading needs to look at not just one part of it (though that part is strong enough).

======= Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use
Last updated: September 28, 2011

"Service" means the wireless connectivity that we provide Kindle
users, the provision of Digital Content, Software, and support and
other services that we provide Kindle and Reading Application users,
and the terms and conditions under which we provide each of the
2. Wireless Connectivity

Use of Wireless Connectivity. Your Kindle uses wireless connectivity
to allow you to shop for and download Digital Content from the
Kindle Store.

In general, we do not charge you for this use of wireless
connectivity. Your Kindle may use wireless connectivity to make
other services available to you for which we may charge you a fee,
such as personal file download and subscriptions when you are
located in another country. The fees and terms for such services are
located in the Kindle Store and may change from time to time. If
your Kindle functions with third party services, such as WI-FI
access points, a third party may charge you fees for the use of
those services.

Your Conduct. You may use the wireless connectivity provided by us
only in connection with the Service. You may not use the wireless
connectivity for any other purpose.

[ What part of "You may not use the wireless connectivity for
any other purpose" is not clear? "the Service" is defined above.]

[Wikipedia is mentioned in the Kindle Touch product pages, including for
Kindle Touch 3G – and this would be included in the definition
of "Service" that is being provided under the paragraph titled
"Your Conduct." It’s their selling offer. What they say under product page:

"Experimental Features
WebKit-Based Browser
Kindle Touch 3G’s experimental web browser is based on WebKit. It’s
easy to find the information you’re looking for right from your
Kindle Touch 3G. Kindle Touch 3G enables you to connect to the
Kindle Store and access Wikipedia – all over 3G or Wi-Fi.
Experimental web browsing on other websites is only available over

Again, look back to "Your Conduct"
"Your Conduct. You may use the wireless connectivity provided by us
only in connection with the Service. You may not use the wireless
connectivity for any other purpose."

"Only" is not implied there – it’s said straight out, and "Service" has been defined in the Terms also.

This is why MobileRead forum people and BlogKindle won’t print, on their sites, the details of how to take-for-free $-costing-service on their sites. Amazon clearly doesn’t want it and these sites know there are downsides to doing it. BlogKindle was even more adamant about such things.

"We do not permit assistance to be given with such activities here at MR. Please don’t ask again. Those are our site rules. Thanks."

BlogKindle, which has a good understanding of the limits of advocacy to go beyond what is offered up to the point where one takes $-costing-access for free mentions this in connection with tethering the 3G of a Kindle:
" Since this is, as mentioned above, rather blatantly in violation of the Terms &Conditions for Kindle 3G use, chances are good that both the connection and the associated account will be shut down before too long at the very least."

Sheogorath July 13, 2015 um 10:43 pm

As BlogKindle and MobileRead folks, but not Amazon, will tell you […]
Wow, you’re right! Implication is a powerful tool.

seb April 24, 2012 um 4:46 am

It is working here 🙂

Jack June 22, 2012 um 3:51 pm

I admit, I did not collect enough information when I ordered Kindle touch 3G and I am really disapointed. Access to gmail is all I would have needed.
My disappointment will be manifested in downloading all books form torrent trackers, though I intended buying them before I learned that browsing is not supported. But now I wont.

The Commons July 24, 2012 um 4:40 pm

Self-entitled customer is self-entitled.

thasan10 July 3, 2012 um 11:26 am

it works to a point for me. for example, I can get to my gmail link but after that, I cannot complete my login on gmail.

The Commons July 24, 2012 um 4:39 pm

I’m guessing that https access isn’t supported.

The Commons July 24, 2012 um 5:05 pm

Err, I should be more specific: https access to anything besides the whitelisted social stuff is not supported.

cahmz June 28, 2014 um 10:04 pm

it worked!!! thanks. well, if the connection is Stable at 3G, u won’t have to worry about it. but there are times u have to repeat everything because of unstable connection. but it worked. THANKSSSSS!!!

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