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How To Write A Book In Google Docs (video)

The above video is the work of Stefanie Newell. It came across my desk courtesy of The Book Designer’s Carnival of the Indies monthly link post, and I thought it might be useful to readers.

I use Google Docs all the time; it’s not just a pretty decent Office alternative, but also a good tool for collaborating with other writers. Also, its mobile apps make it really easy to switch between reviewing a Doc on my iPad while typing in changes on my laptop. (Yes, I could review the Doc on my laptop, but I tend to lean back when reading on my iPad, and that creates a completely different mindset from when I lean forward to type on my laptop.)

I have had trouble getting some to use Google Docs, though – even on the level of reading my notes. Luckily I have found it’s easy to export a Doc with the notes attached.

What do you think of Google Docs? Is is good enough to produce a manuscript?


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Mike D April 30, 2019 um 6:37 am

Besides comments and proof-reading for an author, I have good results with the /Download as ePub feature/, making use of the undocumented ability of Send to Kindle to convert.

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