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iFixit Tears Down the Kindle Fire HD (2013), Finds a Tablet Inside

Kindle Fire HD 2013 LandscapeAmazon made some changes to the Kindle HD when they relaunched it a few weeks ago and thanks to iFixit we know how what’s different.

The repair experts at iFixit posted a set of teardown photos last week which revealed that the new tablet has many of the same components as last year’s model and is easier to disassemble for repair.

The new Kindle Fire HD is a 7″ tablet running Amazon’s own FireOS on a dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4 processor with half the storage but most of the same hardware specs as last year’s model. While some might describe it as not exactly a state of the art, it’s current asking price of $139 makes it one of the better tablets in for under $140.

ifixit kindle fire hd 2013

By the time iFixit was done they reported that this tablet was relatively easy to repair (just like its predecessor). The back popped off with a little effort applied by a plastic disassembly tool, revealing that the new KFHD has its speakers, circuit board, and battery all located in about the same place as on last year’s model. The ports and buttons have of course been moved, and the new KFHD has an angular back rather than a smoothly curved back.

They also found that the front glass panel was relatively easy to disassemble, which should make it easier to perform a DIY repair without having to buy an expensive LCD screen component. That is an improvement on last year’s KFHD, which iFixit described as having a difficult to repair screen.

You can read more details about the guts of the KFHD 2013 (and view more photos) at iFixit.

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