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iFlytek eBook Has a 6″ Color E-ink Screen, May Not Actually Exist

I still don’t have any evidence that this ereader is actually available, but it now appears that at least two color ereaders have been announced in China.

The iFlytek eBook is a 6″ ereader with an unknown price tag and an unspecified ship date. According to coverage from China, it uses E-ink’s new 4,096 color Just Print screen.

Details are rather scare on the iFlytek eBook (which is why I seriously suspect it’s vaporware). Everyone is reporting that it has a 24-LED frontlight, support for TTS and music via a built-in speaker, but other details like RAM, CPU, Wifi, and touchscreen tech are still unknown.

What I do find interesting is that several sites mention that the screen has two modes, one for black and white and another for color. Here’s the fun part: the color mode is 212 PPI, while the black and white mode is 300 PPI.

Edit: Color screen resolution is unknown. Some sources say this screen tech can display color at 212 PPI, while Pocketbook says the screens going into their device have a color resolution of 100 PPI. (I trust Pocketbook.)

I asked E-ink for more info on why there’s a difference, but given the current crisis it might take them a while to get back to me.


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Larry April 7, 2020 um 8:22 am

It does exist. I touched it in person last week.

Nate Hoffelder April 7, 2020 um 8:24 am

Lucky you!

Name April 15, 2020 um 5:29 pm

Since Pocketbook seems to have annouced a 200-EUR 300-dpi 6-inch colour ereader for Q3, this might give a hint, as regards the unspecified ship date for the Chinese device:

Nate Hoffelder April 15, 2020 um 5:38 pm

Thanks for the tip!

Pocketbook to Launch Color eReader Later This Year – Will Amazon Turn Green With Envy? | The Digital Reader April 15, 2020 um 6:28 pm

[…] quarter, and that it will sport the 4,096 color E-ink screen sported by the two Chinese ereaders announced last month. Coincidentally, neither of those devices have shipped yet, and now I think we know why […]

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