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Has Your InkCase Plus ePaper Smartphone Case Arrived?

inkcase plus epireader 1When the InkCase Plus first went up on Kickstarter in July I thought that this was the one hardware project which was guaranteed to ship on time.  Alas, that hasn’t happened – at least not for me.

Based on the simple and obvious idea of modular components, the InkCase Plus was going to be a universal smartphone case which would add a 3.5″ secondary E-ink screen to almost any smartphone. Originally scheduled to ship in October, the InkCase was delayed into early November, late November, and then with profuse apologies it was absolutely positively guaranteed to ship in early December.

It’s now 17 December, and my order hasn’t arrived. To make matters worse, the company developing the InkCase Plus isn’t returning my emails any more.

I may have been among the first to post a review of the InkCase Plus, but I’m definitely not one of the lucky few to get their order in the first shipment, or the second shipment (even though I did put down my own money).

inkcase plusBut I can see that some backers on Kickstarter have gotten their hardware, and that the early reviews generally praise the hardware while complaining about the software. For example:

Hardware is great so far, light and the case works.
Software – poor
So far it only really works for the photos and eReader. Is there an option to get it to work with Google Music etc?
Lastly the notifications option is giving to much information i.e "choose input" notification is useless this is just my keyboard or "" this is a running process. How is the software coming along?

Since I am unable to write anything about my unit, I am dying to read what you think of yours.

Did your order arrive?

Please let me know what you think of it, while I go over to the corner to die of jealousy.

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Ben December 17, 2014 um 8:24 pm

No such luck. Was starting to wonder if it was vaporware. Happy that some are getting it.

Nate Hoffelder December 17, 2014 um 8:55 pm

I am pissed enough that I almost screamed and shouted and called it a scam. But those comments on Kickstarter stopped me.

Ben December 17, 2014 um 11:23 pm

This whole thing could be handled by more effective communication.

I’m dying for one of these, and really hope that there’s a frontlight version eventually, but I won’t kickstart it after 3 months of no communication from the company.

One update a week, it’s all I ask.

Nate Hoffelder December 17, 2014 um 11:30 pm

Any communication would be nice. it’s not obvious from the outside but the last several updates were sent in response to my private queries about my order.

Chris December 17, 2014 um 8:30 pm

Just search it and find an option to pre-order the InkCase Plus through I think it should ship out when the preorders end in 6 days.

Andy December 19, 2014 um 12:38 pm

mine just arrived – I’m in the UK

Nate Hoffelder December 19, 2014 um 1:22 pm

My unit just arrived as well.

Ben December 19, 2014 um 2:57 pm

I’m out of town for the next two weeks. I hope I luck into having mine arrive today. I’d love to play with it while on holiday.

Name (required) December 20, 2014 um 2:40 am

Can’t wait for your first impressions, with heavy emphasis on reading, of course 😉

Nate Hoffelder December 20, 2014 um 7:57 am

I’m posting the review today. There really isn’t much new to say.

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