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Internet Archive Just Scanned their 3 Millionth Text

The IA announced Friday night that they had achieved a new milestone. It’s 6 years now that they’ve been scanning and uploading public domain titles and this is the week that they released their 3,ooo,oooth title.

The 3 millionth upload is from the rare book collection of the University of Toronto:

The Internet Archive launched in 2005, and since that day they have scanned and uploaded over 2 million documents.They also host another million documents that have been scanned by other groups and individuals, including around 37 thousand titles from Project Gutenberg.

The growing collection is due in large part to the one hundred+ people who work in IA scanning centers in 27 libraries in 6 countries.   The IA are also making an effort to archive hard disks, film, websites, and other modern storage mediums, as well as preserving the books that have been scanned. (While you might think that a hard disk is more durable than a paper book, the latter can actually have a longer lifespan.) If you look through their collection carefully, you can also find the occasional odd item like the hard disk from a 1970s Cray supercomputer, or a braille Playboy.

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