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iOS accounts for 2% of web traffic & other reasons not to trust statistics

I cam across an interesting chart today which shows that iOS is now generating just over 2% of the world’s traffic on the internet. (I can’t recall where I found it, so if someone could find me the source I’d be grateful.)

I was looking at this chart because web traffic has always been an interest to me, for obvious reasons. It was interesting to see that  iOS had hit 2%; I don’t see nearly that much on this blog (not that that matters). But then I really looked at the source of the numbers and I realized there might be a problem.

The country with the third largest chunk of iOS traffic is Guernsey, a small group of islands off the cost of UK. Guernsey has a population numbering around 65 thousand, and yet they managed to create 6% of iOS web traffic. Does that really make any sense?

Oh, I believe that this company is tracking the data correctly, but I also believe that a lot of users are fibbing. I wonder if Guernsey have a large number of TOR routers? I ask because I think it’s likely that people are anonymizing their web surfing rather than actually using iOS that much in Guernsey.

We really don’t know how accurate these numbers are without digging a lot deeper and asking the right questions. I can’t do that unfortunately, because it requires a subscription.

P.S. My web traffic is rather ordinary, with one exception. Four percent of my visitors are on Android, and that’s more than the rest of *nix combined. (Hi guys!)

P.P.S. If I’m wrong in my assumptions about Guernsey, please don’t hesitate to say so.

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