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Japanese City Launches Smart Bus Stop Display Pilot Featuring E-ink Screens

Papercast is a startup that specializes in developing smart bus stop displays built around E-ink screens. This is the company that supplied the 32″ color E-ink displays used in Singapore’s mass transit stations, and in other cities like Tannheim and Jerusalem.

Now they have started a pilot in Aizuwakamatsu, a city in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan.

The project is administered by Aizu Riding Car Development, a consortium initiated by Michinori Holdings, operator of the Aizuwakamatsu bus service, Aizu Bus. Michinori is working alongside Toppan Printing, KDDI Corporation, Hakuhodo and Weathernews Corporation.

The purpose of the consortium is to improve service convenience and reduce ongoing costs by digitally connecting bus stops. It will see the replacement of traditional paper signage with real-time passenger information on electronic displays. E-paper has been selected by the consortium as the preferred technology and by partnering with E Ink, Papercast’s solar powered, wireless bus stop display technology will be used.

The neat thing about Papercast’s signs is they are solar-powered and can show real-time information on the status of the transit system. They can be updated remotely through Papercast’s platform, keeping passengers informed on how long they will have to wait.

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