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Chinese ebook reader prices are dropping like there’s no tomorrow

If you think the market is tight in the US, you won’t believe what’s happening in China.

Shanda recently cut the price of their Bambook ereader in half. This 6″ E-ink, Wifi equiped ereader is now selling for only RMB499. That’s $74 USD, and so far as I know that’s actually less than the cost of the components.

Hanvon have also cut theĀ  price of a number of their ereaders, with some models now as low as RMB 599 ($92 USD).

If I had to guess, I would say that Chinese ebook readers are facing fierce competition from cheap tablets and handhelds. It’s not the same in the US, where we have 2 giants fighting. In China there’s hundreds if not thousands of small companies trying to produce gadgets as cheap as possible. It’s quite clearly driving the prices lower at a faster rate than anywhere else.

via TechNode

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yuzutea June 29, 2011 um 5:42 pm

Wait, how can they afford to do that? Have components gone down in price?

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