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KDP Print Expands to Canada

Amazon’s POD service has expanded into the land of moose and snow. The retailer announced in the KDP support forums last week that KDP Print could now print and distribute books in Canada.

We’re excited to announce paperback manufacturing in Canada! This enables new features for KDP authors, including:

  • Faster shipping to your readers in Canada. Manufacturing in Canada enables FREE Two-Day Shipping for Prime Members.
  • royalty reporting in your KDP reports. Previously, sales were included in sales. As a result, you may see a shift of some units from to reporting.
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD) list prices. You can update list prices by going to your Bookshelf, click “…”, and “Edit Paperback Rights & Pricing”. If you don’t update your list prices, we will convert the United States Dollars (USD) list price to CAD for Learn more here.

If you have indicated in your KDP account that you hold distribution rights in Canada for your books, we invite you to set CAD pricing.

KDP Print is the service that Amazon launched as a replacement for Createspace. It launched as a beta in 2016, and officially subsumed Createspace last fall. It accounts for the vast majority of ISBNs registered by authors in the US (the ones that Bowker can track, anyway).

ISBN registrations by authors jumped 40% last year following the merger (just as I predicted when I reported on the KDP Print beta in 2016).

image by faungg’s photos via Flickr

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Peter Sandor July 18, 2020 um 12:12 pm

This change is of no value to Canadian authors since we still have to order author copies from Due to COVID, Canadian authors cannot order author copies from In other words, Canadian authors can’t order author copies anywhere. So as much as Amazon says they are helping Canadian authors, they aren’t.

Ralph Haygood November 30, 2020 um 5:41 pm

Yes, I just discovered this obnoxiousness. It makes no sense at all. Customers can buy copies from, so there’s no good reason why authors shouldn’t be able to buy author copies there too.

Terah Cox December 8, 2020 um 10:25 pm

I am a U.S. book editor/designer about to set up a KDP account for a Canadian client to publish her book. We want both U.S. bookstores and Canadian bookstores to be able to order copies for resale. Should/Can I set up the book separately in the U.S. and also in Canada? I do understand that she cannot order author copies for herself to be shipped from Canada.

Jill May 16, 2022 um 11:32 am

It is now 2022 and I’m curious if Canadian authors can order author copies from Canada and have them shipped from Canada? Or is everything still the same…terrible inconvenient and outrageously expensive? Has anyone got any bright ideas for Canadian authors to get author copies from Amazon Canada NOT Amazon US?

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