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Amazon Releases Word Doc Templates for Making Better POD Books

When Amazon first launched KDP Print in beta last year, it asked publishers and authors to trust that Amazon could take any ebook and turn it into a good-looking POD book.

Now Amazon is offering a way to improve the probability that a book will come out looking good. The retailer has posted Word Doc templates that authors can use to format their manuscripts.

The templates come in various standard print sizes ranging from the equivalent of a paperback to a college textbook. They are rather bland-looking, but on the upside they also incorporate margins and line spacing that meet professional standards.

Coincidentally, the several templates I downloaded were all made in or before 2015. This suggests they were originally made for Createspace, and then simply copied over to KDP Print while it was in beta.

However, I still cannot find the templates on Createspace and I bet I’m not the only one.

You can find the templates, as well as other useful information on making POD books, on the KDP help pages.

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Jim Heskett June 9, 2017 um 11:59 am

a little too little, too late. Vellum print makes perfect print books

Bill Peschel June 9, 2017 um 12:01 pm

If you have a Mac I’m afraid. The rest of us have to make do.

Allen F June 9, 2017 um 12:16 pm

Good timing on this bit as I just gave my second book over to my editor and I’ll have time to look this over while he makes little corrections here and there.

Mark Williams – The International Indie Author June 10, 2017 um 8:17 am

The templates appear to be identical to the CreateSpace templates, which by the way are still available. You need to set up a new title and complete the title information in order to get to the interior design page where the templates are available.

Nate Hoffelder June 10, 2017 um 8:33 am

Thanks, Mark.

I thought that might be the case.

Robert Nagle June 11, 2017 um 9:02 am

Let me make a strong endorsement of the MS Word/Createspace templates created by Book Designer. I bought and used one a few years ago.

For $60, you get some sophisticated templates, plus detailed instructions. You also get a variety to choose from. It underscored the point that MS Word can generally be used for desktop formatting — as long as you know how to use it right.

Sharon Reamer June 14, 2017 um 6:52 am

I can concur with this – I have three of them and they’re easy to use and also modify to taste. He puts them on sale from time-to-time as well. They are definitely slicker than the CS Word templates.

For longish books (like mine), Word is a little top-heavy and takes for-ever to load the manuscripts.

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