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Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word Released

There are a hundred and one different ways to make a Kindle ebook.  many start with Microsoft Word, and now there’s an option that both begins and ends there.

Amazon has released a Kindle Create add-in for MSWord that can be used to make a Kindle ebook. I don’t have Word (Libre Office for the win) so I cannot test it. But according to the download page:

  • Format your manuscript by specifying styles like Chapter Title, Chapter Subtitle and others.
  • Save time by using pre-formatted sample pages like book title, copyright, dedication to complete your book.
  • Preview your book any time on as it would look to customers reading on Tablets, Phones and Kindle E-readers before publishing.
  • Work in Microsoft Word and publish your .doc/.docx manuscript with Kindle Direct Publishing.

The install file requires a PC with Word 2007 or newer, just not a PC that runs macOS.

If you install the add-on, please do let us know how well it works.


P.S. There’s no Kindle-making extension for Libre Office, but Writer2Epub fills a similar role.

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Carmen Webster Buxton 2 August, 2017 um 10:54 pm

Actually, the Amazon conversion of an MS Word file works great, if you use styles consistently and make your chapter title style start a new page.

This might be better, though. I wonder how it does with creating a table of contents? I don’t think I want to buy a new copy of Word to find out. When I decided to start creating paperback versions, too, I bought InDesign. Once you learn it, page layout is easier than in Word. And it will create an epub file, which I can convert with Calibre.

Allen F 3 August, 2017 um 11:59 am

I’ll have to try it when I get my next one 'done'. As I recall, Libre Office can save as a word doc so it 'might' work. (As my word is from office 2000 I will be pushing my luck too. 😉 )

Still, beats saving a doc as a html to feed the old kindlegen at the dos prompt!

Frank 3 August, 2017 um 1:04 pm

If you have Word 2000, most likely this add-on will fail to work.

Allen F 3 August, 2017 um 1:46 pm

Most likely, though we’ve seen many other things 'work' that weren’t suppose to. (And if it does fail 2000 has the 'save as html' option which they will take.)

Tom S 4 August, 2017 um 2:28 am

The 'Amazon' link in the article isn’t working (Safari iOS).

I’ll try the plugin when I have a chance.

And gawd people, Office 365 is very affordable ($99/yr for up to 5 installs of Office on Windows or MacOS, free mobile apps for iOS or Android, 5 'users' of your choosing with 1TB cloud storage for each). Worth it just for the storage, and you never know when you might need the Real Thing instead of LibreOffice.

Nate Hoffelder 4 August, 2017 um 5:44 am

thanks for the heads up.

Something (a plugin?) broke the link by trying to turn it into an affiliate link. I am going to have to take the blog apart to find out what.

Anthony Pero 9 August, 2017 um 12:37 pm

"And gawd people, Office 365 is very affordable"

I ended up finally breaking down and buying this simply to have wildcard replacements available in Search and Replace, rather than being forced to do what should be a simple task with complicated regular expressions.

Chesca 26 November, 2017 um 8:15 am

Hey all, why is that Kindle Create Add in cannot be installed in my laptop? I have enough memory space, what is the possible reason why? Advance thanks for your replies.

Okorie Stanley 29 April, 2018 um 11:08 am

Same here. Still wondering why it’s not installing on my system despite the fact that I have MS word 2010. Any insightful replies, please. Thanks.

One Time Engineer 29 April, 2018 um 6:22 pm

I had the same problem where the Kindle Create Add-In would not install despite the fact that I have MS Word 2010. In my case, at the end of the installation process, I got a message along the lines of "Kindle Create Add-In Installer failed".

However, I managed to get it installed, and this is how I did it. When you use the downloadable installer from Amazon, it downloads and stores the installation files in the following location:

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word

a) In that folder, run the installer called "Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime Tools" and follow the on-screen instructions
b) Once step a) has completed, in that folder, install the Kindle Previewer by running the installer called "Kindle Previewer" and follow the on-screen instructions
c) Once step b) has completed, navigate into the folder called "DISK1" within the folder above and run the installer called "setup" and follow the on-screen instructions. This will install the Add-In for MS Word

And you’re done, the Kindle Add-In should now be installed! 🙂

Hope this helps!

One Time Engineer 29 April, 2018 um 6:24 pm

My comment above was changed, but the path to the installation files should be:

C:\Users\Your Windows User\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word

Polly 9 July, 2020 um 6:36 pm

I installed it a few months ago and find it to be incredibly helpful. I didn’t realize until now that it’s supposed to be used for specific book size, though. I originally used it for a 5×7 book. My book turned out just fine, but when I used it for my second book, I did create a 6×9 and it worked much better. I look forward to the feature being more user-friendly with a variety of book sizes.

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