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Kindle Fire Utility Makes Rooting, Updating, and Hacking the KF a Breeze

Would you believe it’s been just over a month since the Kindle Fire shipped? Considering how many hacks have been released in that time, it is something of a surprise. And today one enterprising hacker has brought a number of KF hacks into one handy little utility.

Early this morning an XDA Forums member by the name of  Vashypooh posted the first release of Kindle Fire Utility. This handy little app doesn’t do any hacking itself, but it does make it easier to run the other hacks. All you need to do is download the ZIP file, lug your Kindle Fire into your Windows PC, and then double click on a file.

This utility makes it very easy to root the Kindle Fire, change the boot mode, install the TWRP Recovery app, or make other changes. It comes with ZergRush, one of the more popular rooting tools. You can also install a recovery utility called Team Win Recovery Project 2.0 on your KF. This is a custom recovery tool that makes it easy to do a complete backup or restore of an Android tablet. You can also use it to install new updates while using the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire utility can also perform a factory reset and get an official update from Amazon. This might not seem all that exciting, given that Amazon pushes out the updates over Wifi. But if you are running a hacked firmware like Cyanogen Mod, then you might need to be more careful with your downloads. You can use the official update to manually restore your KF. TWRP 2.0 can do it, and it’s bundled with this utility. Or you can restore the Kindle Fire using JackpotClavin’s original method.

BTW, Brad Linder over at Liliputing didn’t have much luck with the factory reset option, so don’t count on it working. Also, this utility runs on Windows, not the Kindle Fire itself.

Obviously you’ll need to have the Kindle Fire plugged in in order to use these hacks. Also, this might bork your device, so caveat emptor.

via XDA Forums

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