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Kindle Paperwhite is Now Available in Four Colors

Amazon has quietly released a couple new color options for the Kindle Paperwhite.

When the latest Kindle model shipped in late 2018, it was only available in black (the previous model was available in black and white). Then Amazon added a blue color option last summer, and now Amazon is offering two more color options: sage and plum.

It is almost as if Amazon has run out of new features to add, and has decided to offer us new color options instead.

As you can see in the graphic from Amazon’s website, the color options only apply to the rear shell. The front of the Paperwhite has been kept black to increase the perceived whiteness of the screen.

Bit sage and plum are available with either the 8GB  or 32GB storage options; coincidentally, the blue is out of stock, and won’t ship for a couple week.


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