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The Kindle is on Sale for Prime Members – Up to $50 Off

Amazon is holding another of its periodic Kindle sales this week. This time around, the offer is only for Amazon Prime members.

If you have an Amazon prime account then you can get a Kindle today for $30 to $50 off.

Curiously, the Kindle Oasis 3G is on sale but not the Wifi-only version.

Now, Teleread would use that detail, combined with Jeff Bezos’s  Morse-coded blink patterns, to conclude that a new Kindle was on the way.

Me, I think they’re reading to much into one of Amazon’s frequent sales.


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Carmen Webster Buxton October 3, 2017 um 12:27 pm

Interesting. I have had the original Kindle (which was 3G only), the Kindle 2, the Kindle 3/Keyboard, the Kindle Touch, the Paperwhite, and the Voyage. In every case, I bought the 3G model because I love the almost guaranteed instant gratification when it comes to downloading books. But even this incentive deal isn’t enough to make me want the Oasis.

David Rothman October 4, 2017 um 12:51 am

Hi, Nate. Over at TeleRead Chris Meadows did not reach a conclusion but asked a question. “It’s also worth remembering that shortly after Amazon put its Fire tablets on Prime-members-only sale, it announced a new addition to the Fire lineup. Might the same thing be coming soon for the Kindle?”

Nate Hoffelder October 4, 2017 um 12:41 pm

That was clearly a joke, David.

John October 4, 2017 um 9:04 am

Isn’t the Kindle’s 10th birthday near?
It makes sense that Amazon might be refreshing their e-readers, but who knows.
I have a first generation Paperwhite, it’s still going strong and have no intention of buying another Kindle reader until it gives up the ghost.

BDR October 5, 2017 um 8:37 pm

You should also point out that the Oasis 3G is the ONLY version they’re selling now. Since they were selling the PW1&2 right up to the introduction of newer models AND Amazon’s emphasis on price vs tech, I’m thinking that the Oasis is probably a dead device walking … some engineer’s idea of a great idea that really wasn’t.

John October 6, 2017 um 9:06 am

The Oasis is way, way overpriced.

Chris Meadows October 11, 2017 um 7:21 am

*peers at latest story*

Reading too much, was I?

David H. Rothman October 12, 2017 um 7:05 pm

No jokin’, Chris asked the right question about the possibility of a new Kindle.

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