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Kobo Adds New Retail Partners in New Zealand

Today I have some news about Kobo’s retail partners which, for the first time in a while, I didn’t uncover before Kobo’s official announcement. (That is a rare novelty.)

Kobo has just announced that they’ve signed up 2 more retail partners in one of the world’s smaller English language book markets. Booksellers NZ and the PaperPlus Group will soon join Whitcoulls to carry Kobo ereaders in stores. That’s going to bring he number of Kobo retail locations in NZ to around 300, which is an impressive figure for a country with a population of 4.8 million.

While Kobo is the only one to boast about retail partners, they’re not the only ereader available in brick and mortar stores. Dick Smith and other gadget retailers carry ereaders, including the Amazon Kindle.

And there’s no word yet on exactly when Kobo’s new partners will be able to sell Kobo’s recently announced ereaders; the launch of the Kobo Glo and the Kobo Mini is still bollixed with Kobo not even selling their own ereaders on their own website.

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