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Kobo Plus is Launching Soon (?) in The US and Canada

It has been three years since Kobo launched its subscription ebook service Kobo Plus, and for all that time the service has been limited to Belgium and the Netherlands.

I am told that is about to change.

I am attending The Career Author Summit virtual conference this weekend, and I just heard Tara Cremlin of Kobo say that Kobo Plus will be launching in new territories. She did not give a timetable, but she did confirm the news in the chat.

Kobo Plus currently offers 270,000 ebooks and audiobooks for which can be read for 9.99 euro per month.

The service differs from Kindle Unlimited in that Kobo Plus does not require exclusivity, but like KU Kobo Plus does pay from a limited funding pool. If you would like to get your ebooks into Kobo Plus, you can do so via Kobo Writing Life, Draft2Digital, or Streetlib (and probably other distirbutors).

BTW, this might not be news to you, but it’s the first I have heard about it. Have you heard any rumors?

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Mark Williams – The New Publishing Standard May 17, 2020 um 7:26 am

I’m aware Kobo+ is due to launch in France and Belgium (mopping up the francophone half of the country not served by Kobo+ NL), and by extension it’s conceivable Kobo+ could launch in Canada serving the francophone community there given Kobo’s strong relationship with Canadian publishers.

A move into the US and anglophone Canada would need publisher engagement at a level such that we would likely have heard rumours already.

Unless, of course, Kobo is going to rely on the small press and indie sector to provide content. That would seem an ambitious undertaking going head to head with Kindle Unlimited with a fraction of the content.

What would be great would be to see a Kobo+ launch associated with the Kobo international store tapping into the global rights assigned by most indies, that would be available worldwide.

Nate Hoffelder May 17, 2020 um 10:49 am

I was possibly jumping to conclusions that the US would be included, but I think it’s sound.

Mark Williams – The New Publishing Standard May 17, 2020 um 8:23 am

Updating that last comment, it looks like Canada is for real.

No confirmation on US.

Xavier Basora May 17, 2020 um 7:02 pm


It makes sense for Kobo to partner with the smsll or indie quebec/francophone press.

They need more exposure


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