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LazyKindle Hack Adds Remote Control Page Turns, Brightness (video)

lazykindle-kindle-hack-usbA Kindle hack has crossed my desk which tempts me to finally hack my Kindle.

There are hacks which add the option to change fonts, or read new formats, and hacks which let you play apps and games.

But the one hack I am most interest in is called LazyKindle. Published last week on MobileRead, LazyKindle builds on the late-generation Kindles support for USB Host and uses it to add support for a wireless presentation remote.

This is a very basic type of remote which can be used by someone giving a presentation, but plug it into a hacked Kindle and you can use it to change the page or alter the brightness of the frontlight:

Right now the hack only fully works with the PW3. The page turn buttons work for the Oasis and Voyage, but not the brightness. but that should change in the long run.

If you want to give it a shot, you’ll need a presenter remote like this one and a USB converter plug so that the remote’s receiver can be plugged into the Kindle.

The total cost is under $20.


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Glinda Harrison September 30, 2016 um 11:38 pm

I have been waiting forever for Amazon to make automated page turns a feature (I want a foot switch so I can read and eat dinner). Not sure about hacking my Paperwhite, though. 🙂 Let us know if you try it!

Henry Wood October 1, 2016 um 12:09 am

Is it April 1st?
Sorry, but I do not fully understand this "hack". Briefly, it seems to say that if you install apps … blah … blah … blah and use an external device which uses an external app, well, you can even turn pages and adjust the brightness on your Kindle PW. Am I wrong?

Incidentally, my Kindle Paperwhite is now my SUPER-DUPER ultimate dictionary ever invented! Since buying the Kindle Voyage, I now only have installed on my Paperwhite the expensive Collins English Dictionary bought from Amazon UK.

Whilst said dictionary is not needed on my Voyage (I already have it installed there) it is proving a tremendous boon when I am reading on my new Kobo Aura One. The Kobo Aura One dictionary and function is pathetic and so I find it very handy just to have my old Paperwhite sitting by my side and frequently checking out dictionary definitions. It is *very* swift! Almost as soon as I begin typing in a search, many optional answers immediately start appearing.
I know that not everyone can possibly afford this use of a Paperwhite but I am very, very happy with it. I also use it just sitting by my side as a day-to-day dictionary, whether or not I happen to be using an e-reader.

It beats humping up that old heavyweight hardback volume off of the floor then trying to remember what I was looking for and getting distracted about a quarter way through my page flipping!

Highly recommended – if you can afford it!

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Gordon May 26, 2017 um 11:03 am

I was inspired by this article to purchase a kindle and all of the accessories mentioned. So far I’ve not been able to get it to work, but I’m not using the same USB converter. I’ll post to update when it arrives. I really want this to work!

gordon July 10, 2017 um 2:25 am

It did not work. The article mentions that the accessories are installed on a 'hacked' Kindle. However, my Kindle is not 'hacked' and the article does not provide instructions on how to do so.

Frank July 11, 2017 um 11:06 am

The MobileReads forum has instructions on how to hack a Kindle. It is a complex process and sometimes it requires a specific firmware.

Igor October 31, 2018 um 3:08 pm

Did I understand correctly that this hack is for sale? If yes I am interested. My Kindle is 7-th generation, serial number 90C6 0706 5377 04ME. FW version : Kindle 5.9.7 (3330440020). Will it work for it? If yes, how can I purchase it from you?

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