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Morning Coffee – 14 october 2019

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

  • This browser extension lets you insert zero-width characters in text you post online, and can be used to find the characters embedded by others. 
  • Mike Shatzkin details seven ways the industry will change over the next few years
  • Len Epps argues (rightfully so) that the book publishing industry’s bad decisions on ebooks stem from digital superstitions
  • I did not make this list of 50 best writing sites. I do however get more traffic than 3 of the sites on this list (combined).
  • Here’s a list of 23 books that freaked people out so badly that they had to stop reading
  • How to use your Kindle to learn Japanese
  • Challenged by ideas they find uncomfortable, Georgia college students decide to burn books rather than think. 

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