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Morning Coffee – 19 August 2019

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

  • Libraries are now telling patrons how much they saved by borrowing books instead of buying them
  • Move aside comic sans and Dyslexie, Lexend will replace you. It’s a font shown to significantly improve reading-proficiency.
  • This piece on Amazon Publishing makes a good argument that Amazon’s goal in publishing books is not to conquer publishing but to grow as a retailer
  • You’ve heard of using computers to create audio from text, now Chinese publishers are creating avatars in authors' likenesses and using them to "speak" the audio.
  • Ted Gulp enjoyed the bump in sales when his 20-year-old book was seen in the hands of Jeff Epstein compatriot Ghislaine Maxwell. 

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DaveMich August 19, 2019 um 12:32 pm

Ha. Even though Mr. Gulp’s book is available in a Kindle edition, they insist on saying the book is sold out. They don’t even say that the book is only available as an ebook – they just flat out say it is sold out. You just can’t fix stupid.

Kate August 20, 2019 um 1:15 pm

Linking to paywalled articles is annoying

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