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Nate’s Gear Bag – CES 2014

Final preparations are under way here at the secret lair for CES 2014, and before I pack everything away I thought I’d share what is going in my gear bag.

Not much has changed from last year; I’ll still be carrying around my Lenovo U410 with the same Panasonic Lumix camera, full-sized USB keyboard, and wireless mouse I had last year, but this time around I will be running a couple gadgets lighter than past years.

gear bag ces 2014

As you can see in the image above, there’s no tablet. This year I am leaving my Kindle Fire HD at home – permanently. I had realized that I was watching too many movies and playing too many games, so I gave my Kindle Fire HD to my mom and replaced it with a Hisense Sero 7 Pro. It’s not nearly as good of a gaming and media tablet as the Kindle Fire HD, which is exactly why I replaced one tablet with the other.

And the reason you can’t see the Sero 7 Pro in the photo is that I used it to take the photo. It has a 5MP camera, another reason I like it.

Also not included in the photo is the laptop stand I got nearly 5 years ago. It will take a place of honor in my motel room (America’s Best Value Inn), but I will be carrying around at least one paper notebook. In spite of everything I still feel a pen on paper is the right tool in certain circumstances.

I also forgot to include my cellphone, which will be coming, but I’m not bringing any type of mobile hotspot. The one place where I would use it the most, i.e. the show floor, is so awash in wireless signals that they jam each other. And since I will have internet in my hotel and in the press lounges (the wired network is faster anyway) I don’t see a reason to pay for a mobile data plan that I would only use while literally in motion from one location to another. That strikes me as an invitation to walk into traffic.


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cookie January 5, 2014 um 3:42 pm

"It has a 5MP camera, another reason I like it."

If I recall, the stated reason you used to take the 1st generation Samsung Galaxy TAb 7″ with you to these events was because of the camera.

Lee Balcom January 5, 2014 um 5:13 pm

Looking forward to your posts from CES 2014; particularly any big news concerning new e-ink cellphones.

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