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Nemo Media Launches eBookstore in Malta

The major NemoMediaebook platforms may be getting most of the press but as international ebook adoption grows the niche ebookstores could prove the most useful in supporting under-served markets.

Nemo Media unveiled their ebookstore this week, raising the number of placed where you can buy a Maltese language ebook by one.

This ebookstore, which initially launched in the middle of November, sells ebooks in Maltese and English. The ebooks can be read in Nemo’s app for the iPad or iPhone; the Android app is coming in January 2014. There’s very little info available on the website or in the app, so it’s not clear whether the ebooks are Epub or some other format.

Update: There doesn’t appear to be an iPhone app. (Thanks, Christian!)

But it is clear that even the English language titles show a focus on this island nation. A quick search didn’t uncover very many popular English language novels, but it did turn up numerous archeology and history books on Malta (including titles which can’t be found in the Kindle Store, curiously enough).

Nemo Media is entering a market that might never have serious competition due to its relatively small size. According to Wikipedia there are roughly 450 thousand residents, most of which speak Maltese. That is a market that will probably never interest the major ebookstores.

di-ve, Actualitte


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