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New Fire Tablet Clears the FCC(?)

new fire tablet fccAs summer turns to fall, a young techie’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of new gadgetry, and today Amazon is giving us something to think about.

Dave Zatz has turned up a new FCC filing today for an anonymous mobile device which is almost certainly the next Fire tablet. This BT and Wifi equipped device has no recognizable product name or details, but the listing combines Amazon’s obsession with secrecy and their sense of humor.

Edit: the paperwork did reveal a couple details. This device is referred to as a tablet, and it has a microSD card slot and a headphone jack.

Paperwork for the SG98EG was filed by an LLC called Jib Wresh, a name that is both literally and phonetically gibberish. The company doesn’t have any history in Google search results, but if you search on its address then you’ll see that it leads to a realtor that will lease you anything from a meeting room to a shared office space to a mail drop.

A nonsensical name, a mail drop, and an FCC filing with all details concealed. Put them all together and we have a new Amazon device in the works, one that will launch in the next couple months.

Would anyone like to start a betting pool on when it will be announced?

FCC (2ADU6-8274)

image by kodomut

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George August 24, 2015 um 3:22 pm

I was just wondering if there would be a new Fire out this Fall. Hopefully one with larger storage space. And which will allow you to interact with a holographic world. But that could just be an optional feature. I really want more storage.

Nate Hoffelder August 24, 2015 um 3:40 pm

I was wondering as well. My Fire HD from 2013 just died, and I was waiting for some sign that a new model was in the works.

Vonda Z August 24, 2015 um 5:56 pm

Is it possible it is the new FireTV that people have been speculating is around the corner (Amazon is sold out in US and Germany and discounting the FireTV in UK, per the AFTVNews blog:

That said, I am hoping for a new Fire 7″ tablet as I don’t care to invest in a 2 year old model and I will need an upgrade soon.

Nate Hoffelder August 24, 2015 um 6:01 pm

The shape is wrong for a new Fire TV, I think. Also, one of the tests refers to it as a tablet PC.

jjj August 25, 2015 um 4:53 am

Amazon is also planning a 12-inch tablet, but its shipment volume will be limited, the sources said. The company has only placed orders for less than 100,000 panels for the device a month, mainly looking to test the waters.

Not going into speculation about the accuracy of the info, don’t care either way.

Tim Wilhoit August 25, 2015 um 7:29 am

MicroSD card slot? That doesn’t sound much like an Amazon tablet…unless jjj is correct about the 12-inch size. Then it’s very plausible. Unless the price is completely insane, I’m interested in purchasing one.

Nate Hoffelder August 25, 2015 um 7:39 am

I was going to write off the Digitimes rumor as BS, but you have a good point.

Cory August 25, 2015 um 7:45 am

I’m being overoptimistic, but any new device coming out of Amazon has me crossing my fingers for a Liquavista screen finally.

Nate Hoffelder August 25, 2015 um 7:46 am

That’s what I keep hoping for, too. I don’t expect to see it, but I d hope for it.

fjtorres August 25, 2015 um 9:19 am

The FireTV received a much needed update that let is use USB mass storage options. With Amazon allowing local storage of music and video, plus larger games being ported over, I don’t think the card slot will be limited to a hypothetical 12incher. They need it across the board.

One factor to consider is that the mobile space isn’t iOS vs Android only anymore. Especially on the tablet side.

Win10 tablets (all of which feature both SD and USB expansion) are changing the landscape. Especially at the higher end.

Take a look at the 10in ASUS Transformer Chi for a look at how nasty the $299+ market is going to be, moving forward: 64GB flash, microSD, USB, bundled detachable Bluetooth keyboard and support for active pen, all running on quad-core ATOM.

It’s going to take a lot to play in that league.

Javi August 25, 2015 um 12:46 pm

Tablet/ereader 12-13″ with electrowetting screen… ouh yeaaaaah!

Frank August 26, 2015 um 9:52 am

Since 2011, Amazon has released new tablets in the fall, so it seems this year will be no exception.

Nate Hoffelder August 30, 2015 um 9:40 pm

Where did you see that?

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