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New Kobo eReader Clears the FCC, Has Bluetooth

Amazon may have put Kindle development on hold for the duration, but Kobo has not.

A new Kobo ereader just showed up on the FCC website this morning. All of the photos have been embargoed, but I was able to confirm the brand, model number, and a few specs.

The Kobo N604 was tested for both Bluetooth and Wifi, but I have not been able to find any mention of peripherals (I was kinda hoping for a stylus).

Edit: Someone pointed out to me where the 32GB storage is mentioned, so we can add that to the spec list.

I know that the usual unreliable source is claiming there’s 32GB of storage and that this is the Forma 2, but given their reputation I am not going to put any weight in what they say. (Remember, they said on at least 5 different occasions that Amazon would launch a new Kindle Voyage.) (Honestly, you could take the inverse of their position, and you’d have a much better chance of being right.)

I will note that the presence of BT suggests this is a premium model, so it could well be  a replacement for the Forma.

I’m looking forward to seeing it!


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