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No Surprise Here: Japanese eBook Readers Also Like Paper Books

870741831_45fadbad3b_bSurvey after survey has shown that here in the US ebook readers are the most voracious readers, so it should come as little surprise that the same is true in Japan.

New research from the Mobile Marketing Data Lab shows that Japanese readers who liked ebooks (so much so that they had bought a billion dollars in ebooks in 2014) also read a lot of paper books.

According to a survey conducted in March 2015, two-thirds of ebook readers also read paper books more than once a week or daily. In comparison, those who didn’t read ebooks tended to read less over all, with only 36% reporting that they paper books more than once a week or daily.

192949Those who read ebooks were also bigger buyers of print books, with more than 8% saying that they purchased print books every day, and another 24.6% did so at least weekly. Among respondents who didn’t read ebooks, just 1.0% bought a print book daily, and 12.2% did so weekly.

Bearing in mind that the non-ebook group also included non-readers and light readers, none of the above comes as a surprise. Nor should it shock you that free ebooks proved popular, according to a different part of the survey. Among internet users in Japan, 22.4% are currently reading free ebooks, with another 20.4% said they were interested in them, but only around 17% reported reading ebooks they had paid for.


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