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Nook Video Now Available on B&N Website

videos_pod_02_b[1] Barnes & Noble might not be putting a lot of effort into updating their Nook Store but what work they have invested has born fruit.

I’ve just been told that the B&N website has been updated, and that you can now use the website to view the you have rented or licensed from the Nook Video store. The website had previously been able to show trailers, but now it can stream the entire TV show or movie.

Or at least it should be able to stream videos; I am having enough trouble getting it to show the trailers. I have only managed to get the website to show me a single trailer after attempting to play 7 different trailers.

Still, this is a step forward for B&N, and it is one that counters some of the doom and gloom from last week. For example, this change would tend to debunk one of Mike Cane’s predictions from last week:

And William Lynch made clear that they plan to drop the Nook app store, music, and video. You didn’t notice that? Here’s the quote from the morning press release:

and the underpinning of our strategy remains the same today as it has since we first entered the digital market, which is to offer customers any digital book, magazine or newspaper, on any device.”

videos_pod_04_a[1]On a related note, it is worth noting that while Nook Video might be available via B&N website, the promised Nook Video apps are still nowhere to be seen.

When B&N announced Nook Video last Fall they also indicated that there would be NV apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. It’s close to a year later and that has not happened.

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