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Notion Ink Adam II Android Tablet Now Shipping – But Only in India

Notion Ink has notion ink adam 2been teasing the blogosphere for over 2 years now with driblets of info about their next Android tablet and it has finally arrived – sorta.

The Notion Ink Adam II is now available in Notion Nnk’s native country of India. Retail for this 10″ Android tablet comes to 16,499 rupees, or about $265 USD, for the Wifi model. There’s also a 3G model listed on the Notion Ink website for 18,999 rupees (~$305 USD).

This tablet is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU with a Mali 400 GPU, 1GHz RAM, 8GB of Flash storage, and a microSD card slot.

notion ink adam 2

It has Bluetooth, Wifi, a couple 3.1MP cameras, and 2 speakers in a novel location. They’re on the front of the tablet, to the left of the 10″ (1280 x 800) screen.

As you can see in the image above, this tablet a squared off design and a rather thick bezel to the left of the screen. The extra space is used to hold the speakers, cameras, and other components, and it is also home to the Adam II’s secondary display.

This tablet’s chief claim to fame, besides having specs not all that much better than the original Adam, is a couple small screens built into the spine of the tablet. Those screens have a resolution of 100 x 5, and they are intended to display updates:

notion ink adam 2This might or might not be useful. If this tablet were sitting in my bag with only the spine visible, it could be nice to be able to glance at the spine and see what’s new. On the other hand those screens are awfully small, which means I would have to get the tablet within arm’s distance to see the update. And if I am already handling the tablet I might as well wake it up and check for updates that way.

And in this day and age, if I really wanted a secondary screen I would buy a smartwatch, not the Adam II. Frankly, I don’t see what practical value the secondary screens bring to this tablet. Sure, it looks cool, but that’s about it.

At one time Notion Ink was the hottest custom tablet maker on the market, but then they released a lackluster tablet and took 2 years to launch a replacement. The original Adam debuted in 2010 with a Pixel Qi screen and running Android, but by the time it shipped in mid-2011 it was chiefly noted for having only a marginally functional Android firmware and a disappointing screen. And so far as I have heard from Adam owners, Notion Ink never repaired all of the software issues.

TBF there was little that Notion Ink could do about the disappointing Pixel Qi screen besides recognize that it wasn’t as good as an LCD screen and decide not to ship it. But they shipped it anyway, resulting in quite a few displeased owners.

Notion Ink

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john December 16, 2013 um 1:07 am

perhaps college students in india use things differently, meaning that it wouldn’t be unusual to have a stack of books inside which a tablet might joint the fray. yeah, I know, books is books. but maybe we don’t all handle them the same? ever been to india? pakistan? them movies don’t lie….different but the same. knowhattamean? perhaps Notion Ink has local insight and don’t care to cater to European/American consumers. dunno really; just a thought. might not be right. ciao.

john December 16, 2013 um 1:13 am

kinda reminds me of the right side of the Edge tablet/ereader combo, with the ereader ereader wrapped around the binding instead of serving as the entire left side of book shaped gadget.

"hey man, nice shot" — filter

Notion Ink Adam II – December 16, 2013 um 1:54 am

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