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Onyx Youngy Boox Sports a 10.7″ Color E-ink Screen

With tablets being cheaper and offering better color and decent battery life, color-E-ink is a dead duck.

But don’t tell Onyx that; they just showed off a new educational ereader at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Johannes Haupt got up close and personal with the Onyx Youngy Boox, an ereader equipped with a 10.7″ color Carta E-ink screen.

Sporting a resolution of around 150 ppi, this device has a camera of unknown resolution, a stylus, and what looks like an electromagnetic touchscreen (I don’t think we see them using their fingers). It runs academic software and is only available in China.

That is a shame, because this would be a great device to see.

FYI: The reason this device has a screen resolution of 150ppi has to do with how it gets its color. This is actually a 300 ppi grayscale Carta E-ink screen with an RGBC filter applied on top. The filter  adds red, green, or blue on top of a pixel on the E-ink screen (the C is for "clear"). The filter requires 4 pixels on the grayscale screen underneath to give you a single pixel on top This reduces the resolution to 150 ppi.


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Javi October 16, 2018 um 5:01 am

You see? This is what I want … but with more resolution. The camera is interesting to scan documents.
Do you know what Eink is doing with its ACeP technology?

Zack October 16, 2018 um 10:35 am

It just blows mind as to why not use an e-paper display instead of e-ink for a colorful screen reader.
E-paper being the low-power transflective LCD screen which is excellent for reading, use little power, becomes perfect under direct sunlight, and can play a video and whatever else you can throw at it.

Sure, the colors are washed out or milky with a front lit screen, but so are all e-readers.

Will Entrekin October 16, 2018 um 2:42 pm

You know, if they axed the color and made this an Office-ready laptop instead, it would have been like printing money. Say what you will about the Freewrite mentioned the other week, but there’s a clear demand for a thin, light, internet-connected laptop that enables writing and very little else in the way of functionality.

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