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Open source Google Reader alternative – Tiny Tiny RSS

I’ve just come across a partial solution for anyone worried about relying too much on Google. Tiny Tiny RSS is a freely available alternative to Google Reader. Like Google Reader, it’s server based, and you can access it through a web browser (there’s a mobile version too).

I won’t go into the technical details, but I will say that lately I’ve started worry about all the eggs I’ve put into the one Google basket. Between search, gMail, and gReader, one company controls far too much of my life. It’s a little scary.

If anyone is already running this on a server, please let me know if you can spare room for 1 more user. I want to get away from gReader.

via Web Resource Depot

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Didia March 15, 2013 um 5:29 pm

Thanks for the tips.
I will try with my hebergeur.

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