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PlasticLogic Debuts New Flexible AMOLED Prototype at Display Week 2014

image003PlasticLogic has been teasing me since January with hints of their new flexible AMOLED screen tech, and today I finally got to see it in person.

PlasticLogic had their new prototype on display today. Like the previous demo units, it uses a color filter on top of a flexible grayscale screen, but unlike the earlier units this one was capable of 256 shades of gray and was capable of full 30fps video.

In comparison, E-ink’s best screen can do close to 15 fps, at 16 shades of gray.

As you can see in the gallery below, the demo unit is impressive more for what it promises might come in the future, rather than what it can do now. It’s not very high resolution, though it colorful.

There’s still no news on who will license the tech and actually produce the screens, but I do know that PlasticLogic won’t be building it; they are looking to license the tech once it is fully developed.

PlasticLogic’s flexible AMOLED screen tech is being developed in partnership with NovaLED, a specialist in OLED and AMOLED technologies. They contributed the expertise to build the half of the screen which is visible to the naked eye, while PlasticLogic contributed the rear of the display, or backplane.

Update: PL posted a promo video on Youtube.

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