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Pocketbook Aqua Passes the Ice Block Test (video)

We all know that the Pocketbook Aqua has limited protection against dust and water, but did you know that it can survive being drowned and frozen?

About a month ago the Ukrainian tech blog Vido decided to give this 6″ ereader the ice block challenge. They put the Aqua in a  plastic tub, filled it with water, and then stuck it in a freezer over night. When they pulled it out and defrosted it, they were surprised that it continued to work, but I wasn’t.

I can’t speak for other ereader owners, but I know that I’ve left my devices sitting in the car in sub-zero weather. The screens won’t work at the temperature, and I’m sure the electronics and the plastic shell aren’t too happy either, but the devices will survive the freeze.

Still, this is a fun alternative to the usual "Will It Blend" test. We even get to see the device survive its brush with fame.

Vido via The eBook Reader

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trytr March 28, 2015 um 11:01 am

Also works for the Aura H2O:

Nate Hoffelder March 30, 2015 um 6:13 pm

LOL, yes. Thanks!

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