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Pocketbook Color Now Available from Newegg for $229

Pocketbook’s second color ereader, the Pocketbook Color, was initially only available in Europe when it launched about a month ago, but earlier today it showed up on Newegg.

While the Pocketbook Color costs 199 euros in Europe, the US price is a reasonable $229 plus shipping.

The Pocketbook Color sports a 6″ color E-ink screen capable of displaying either grayscale (at 300 ppi) or color (at 100 ppi). It is capable of displaying color because it uses one of E-ink’s new Kaleido screens to display up to 4096 colors while preserving all the unique properties of E-ink tech.

And thanks to the frontlight, you will be able to see all those colors while reading in the dark.

Running Pocketbook’s own OS on a dual-core CPU, the Pocketbook Color is quite fast. I have had one for a few weeks, and I’m pleased with its responsiveness. (I am putting the final touches on my review.)

This ereader supports six popular audio formats  as well as 23 other files formats, including Mobi and Epub. It has 16GB to fill with ebooks before you’ll need to add a microSD card (up to 32GB supported). Weighing in at 160 grams, the Pocketbook Color measures only 8mm thin, and comes equipped with both Wifi and Bluetooth.

If you want to get a color ereader in the US, this is just about your only option. The Onyx Boox Poke2 Color, a $299 ereader from China, was available for less than a day after it launched two weeks ago. The Poke2 Color is now out of stock.

And that is okay because this is a great color ereader – just so long as you are happy to sacrifice resolution for color.


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Name August 27, 2020 um 11:10 am

It doesn’t cost €249 in Europe anymore, if it ever did. sells it for less than €200, including 16% VAT:

Nate Hoffelder August 27, 2020 um 11:26 am

that was an error on my part – it was always 199 euros


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