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Pocketbook Education launched in Russia

Pocketbook-Global have announced a new education platform for the Russian market. It’s based in part on Pocketbook’s 9.7″ ereader, but it goes beyond just the hardware. P-E is intended to assist the entire educational process. It’s not just for reading; you can do other activities including homework.

In terms of hardware, though, it sounds like this is a completely new device. It has Wifi, Bluetooth, and it obviously has a touch screen, but there’s no mention of the 3G connection on the 903.

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fjtorres September 2, 2010 um 11:20 am

Previous discussions of this effort indicated it would be structured around the PB901, a lean 10in-class reader. (Unfortunately, they’ve chosen *not* to offer the 901 to consumers; only the 902/903.)
But the mention of WiFi and bluetooth makes it sound like they’re going with the 902 instead.
And, unless things changed at the last minute, it’s not supposed to have the touch-screen. That is for the top of the line 903. (It uses a Wacom digitizer.)
The comments are quoting a price of around $315. If it runs the same general software as the existing Pocketbooks it is going to be a very likeable device. Light and capable. Only minus is the lack of a Pearl screen.

Nate the great September 2, 2010 um 11:48 am

Well, my source is giving it abilities that would seem to require a touchscreen.

fjtorres September 2, 2010 um 11:52 am

It could be they’ve gone all the way to the 903. But the Pocketbook software has a pretty fast and effective onscreen keyboard; it can do a lot of stuff without a touchscreen. It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow’s announcement says.

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