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Quillbot is the Freshman English Student’s Best Friend

I found another writer bot, but it’s not nearly as good as the ones I wrote about last week (you can find those posts in the Writing category on this blog).

The new bot is called Quillbot. Where StoryAI is almost good enough at creating original content that it could replace an intern, Quillbot is barely a step of the "article spinners" that have been around for a decade or more.

According to the description I found on the website of the accelerator where Quillbot was developed:

QuillBot uses its state-of-the-art machine learning paraphraser in order to function as an article rewriter. It is excellent as[sic] fixing awkward and lengthy phrasing, as well as functioning like a full sentence thesaurus. It will provide creative ways to restructure and reword sentences in order to enhance one’s writing. It is completely free to use, and while people are using it, they are actually training the underlying model. This means that QuillBot will just get better overtime. Ultimately, QuillBot aims to enhance the state of natural language processing by making AI agents sound more human.

That sounds impressive, but Quillbot isn’t half as good as the description. In fact, I fed the description into Quillbot and got this:

To operate as an article rewriter, QuillBot utilizes its state-of – the-art machine learning paraphraser. It is outstanding as[sic] solving awkward and long phrasing, as well as functioning as a thesaurus with complete phrase. To improve one’s writing, it will provide creative methods to restructure and reword phrases. It’s totally free to use, and individuals are actually using it.

This would meet the standards for a Freshman English paper, but just barely.

And I actually could see the paid version of this tool being used by a college student;  the premium version of Quillbot has a higher word count limit and both MSWord and Google Dox extensions. This means you could copy a Wikipedia article into a Google Doc, run Quillbot, and have a ready-made paper that would pass plagiarism checks.

Does anyone else wonder what the anti-plagiarism tools services TurnItIn are going to do when the students have tools that make plagiarism undetectable?


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Frank September 16, 2019 um 5:41 pm

This is nice for writing Wikipedia articles. You cannot just copy/paste a source, so this can reword a source for you.

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