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Remarkable Writing Slate Gains Battery Tweaks in Official Update, New Epub App from 3rd-Party Hacker

A few days back my Remarkable 10.3″ writing slate got an over-the-air update, and then this morning it got a bonus.

The firmware update, according to Remarkable’s blog post, "increases battery life and improves stability", and it has been sent to all Remarkable writing slates.

That is good news, but it’s not as cool as my other news for you today. This morning I read over at MobileRead that someone has taken the Plato document reader, and released it for the Remarkable.

I’ve ported amazing Plato (by Baskerville) to Remarkable tablet:

It supports ePUB, way way faster than built-in reader PDFs, DJVU

Binary download here:…ort-remarkable

Its opensource project, written in Rust, little bit rough at the moment. Feel free to ask me stuff, I’ll gladly help and participate in development!

Things are missing at the moment:
Synchronization with built-in library
Nicer more user friendly packaging

I would install it and show you a screenshot except I don’t know how (there are no instructions).

If you have a Remarkable and requisite technical knowledge, can you try it and tell us what you think?

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leselysten June 13, 2018 um 4:24 pm

Check mobileread for installation instructions.

Nate Hoffelder June 13, 2018 um 8:19 pm

oh, were they posted? Thanks!

Jason van Gumster June 14, 2018 um 2:47 pm

Right on. I’ll be testing this later today then. 🙂

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