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A Short Review of the Visual Land Connect Android Tablet

 Many, many Android tablets have hit the market in the past year or so, including ones from truly unknown companies. This is one such tablet.

The  Visual Land Connect tablet is one I happened across on Walmart, where it wa spriced right in the middle of the many $90 to $100 budget 7″ Android tablet. It has generally unremarkable specs, with the standard 7″ capacitive touchscreen, 8GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, Wifi, g-sensor, and it is running Android 4.0 on a 1.2GHz CPU.


This is an unremarkable tablet with average performance and adequate build quality. There’s not much to set it apart from the competition, and I feel that if you happened to grab this tablet out of a bag full of similarly priced tablets, you’d be getting neither the best nor the worst of the bunch.

The one thing that set this tablet apart (and this is why i bought it) was the 1.3MP camera. That’s much better than you would expect on a tablet in this price range and I was hoping it would be the first one to offer a decent image.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a driver issue. I can’t get the installed camera app to work, and the several camera apps I downloaded from Google Play also do not work.

Battery Life

The specs on the box claim 8 hours battery life, but I didn’t get that much. I tested this on a trip, and I usually got around 4 to 5 hours of steady use. That’s okay, but it’s a little short when compared to other tablets in this price range.

Touchscreen & Performance

The touchscreen worked about as well as I expected. I suppose that might be too vague for some, but touchscreens are a solved problem for Android tablets. I’m beginning to suspect that man budget tablets get their touchscreen from the same source and are built in the same factories.  That would tend to explain the general uniformity of these tablets.

Performance was also at par, and this tablet passed all my tests (Angry Birds, web browsing, Youtube) quite adequately.

What’s in the Box

The Connect tablet is specced to have USB host, but it only has just the one USB Mini-B port. Luckily the manufacturer included a converter cable so you can plug in USB accessories. The box also contains the power supply, asecond  USB cable (for connecting to your PC) and earbuds. But there is no HDMI cable to go with the HDMI port.

Apps & Android Market

This tablet ships with GetJar and a link to download the Amazon Appstore, but not Android Market. Luckily I was able to install it (instructions) as well as several apps. This tablet also ships with Aldiko, YOutube, Adobe Reader, and the usual basic suite of apps. There’s enough to get you started


  • 1.2GHz CPU
  • Android 4.0
  • 7″ (800×480) screen
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 1.3MP camera
  • USB Host
  • 8GB Flash
  • microSD card slot
  • HDMI out
  • g-sensor

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Thomas August 6, 2012 um 3:53 am

The case of this tablet is apparently identical to the Iview 760TPD that I bought earlier this year from Newegg. It’s also sold under the name Ployer Momo 9 and a dozen or so other rebrandings. There’s a lot is info, firmwares, and scripts here:

Nate Hoffelder August 6, 2012 um 7:45 am


PJW August 21, 2012 um 4:15 pm

Would you know if it has OTG. Would be nice to run thumb drives?


Thomas August 28, 2012 um 8:21 am

According to the Walmart description, it ships with an OTG cable.

George Ou August 28, 2012 um 5:33 am

Does it have a TN or IPS panel?

To test it, just tilt the screen and see if it turns dark when looking at it from one angle. If the color is mostly the same at any angle and it doesn’t get too dim, it’s a high quality IPS panel or something similar.

Jeff R October 5, 2012 um 9:52 pm

so you have stated the facts and your own personal opinion but you never said if a friend asked about a cheap table would you recommend it?

paul October 31, 2012 um 11:05 am

Good question Jeff…….Would you recommend this unit or but it again?

I am aslo looking for a kid friendly cover for this unit – rubber type…any ideas?

ned November 10, 2012 um 10:41 am

I’m holding one now. Pixillated, won’t run swype, hot, short battery life, slow web connections… i,’m returning it and spending a little more.

Liz March 13, 2013 um 10:28 pm

Same here. I just got mine today and I plan on returning it in the morning. It is slow and it has an error when I go to the app store and constantly says network error even though it has a signal. I know you get what you pay for but this is rediculous. I found myself putting itdown and using my phone to do things that the tablet would not do lol.

karen parsons-brooke November 19, 2012 um 10:34 am

I just purchased a 10 in tablet for my son. It does not connect to wi fi. How do i make this happen.

me November 26, 2012 um 4:12 pm


I would just try calling an Android customer service guy, since it IS included if you got this model. It may even be different for a 10″, I’m not sure. It shouldn’t though. I hope this will help;) !!

Ryan November 20, 2012 um 11:51 am

The google play instructions link goes to Polaroid PMID702C, are the files and instructions the same?

Nate Hoffelder November 20, 2012 um 11:58 am


me November 26, 2012 um 4:06 pm

Ok, so was anyone else confused about why he was saying about how he had to hack the Android Market? That seems a little off to me. I was looking at this tablet because it was cheap and it contained all the factors I was looking at. However, I’m buying an Android tablet because I want a device with the Android Market on it. If it doesn’t then what’s the point? I can’t believe no one else is asking themselves this….

Nate Hoffelder November 26, 2012 um 5:21 pm

There are lots of Android devices out there which don’t come with the Android market.

Just because Android is open source doesn’t mean Google let go of complete control. They still get to decide who can officially install Google Play, and they tend not to accept budget tablets. That’s why we need to do hacks like the one I mentioned in this post.

baolupo January 9, 2013 um 3:09 am

The reason a lot of these low-end tablets can’t get Google Play on them is because of issues with apps. Google doesn’t want a tablet that will have a lot of errors or be unable to run a lot of apps without difficulty on their platform, so it’s a weird form of quality control. It does kind of suck that a low-level Android tablet WITH Google Play has to be somewhat pricey to, but it’s more for the developers' sake than Google being mean and evil or something. The reason iOS still has more apps, and many popular apps come to Android later (or never ) despite Android having the lion’s share of the market now, where the reverse seems to seldom happen, is pretty much because Android is already the objectively harder platform to make a good, solid app on due to the myriad of different specs, "tweaked" versions of Android, etc… that are out there and have to be accounted for.

The Amazon App store is supposedly available for this tablet though, so while it’s not as good as Google Play as far as variety goes, it’s better than nothing.

jamie December 2, 2012 um 12:14 pm

I just purchased this tablet for my mother for christmas. I haven’t received it yet, but I read that Netflix is able to be used on this tablet and I wanted to find out if anyone knows if this is true.

Nikole December 3, 2012 um 2:56 pm

I just purchased mines as well for my mom. I opened it and it does in fact have Netflix already installed.

Ace December 17, 2013 um 10:53 pm

It has netflix installed but netflix doesn’t work – even when updated. The screen is black with audio playing. Visual Land support is non-existent. They don’t reply to inquiries and they don’t provide drivers or updates.

mary December 4, 2012 um 12:31 am

How do you delete photos from the camera, please help can’t seem to fi nd. Thanks

Maryann December 21, 2012 um 1:46 pm

Am unhappy with my tablet. It works great for reading but I already have a Kindle. Can get email without a problem but primary reason for getting tablet was to get on Facebook when not at home. Takes forever to load. Battery life no where near the 8 hours.

Debbie January 14, 2013 um 10:45 am

I am about to turn all three of my Visual Land Connect 4.0 back to Walmart. Great for my grandaughters but sucks for me. I have tried everything and cannot get the Kindle to work on it. Also it keeps dropping my Verizon MiFi while I am in the middle of playing Words with family members. Then it takes 3 days to go back and forth between us. It isn’t the MiFi because of tower has not problems, nor does my son’s notebook. Can someone help me out. NONE of the Visual Land Connect 4.0 tables are working with Kindle. You can down load, might be able to open once, then it goes into the History File. Open it back up and goes black screen. I realize it was one of the cheaper tablets but I wanted it for reading books and Netflix for my grand daughter. Which it drops the movies as well. Can someone please advise me.

sarah friend December 9, 2014 um 4:31 pm

I cannot even turn it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barbara March 14, 2015 um 10:43 am

ME Either! Whats up with that? Took 2 hrs for me to get it to come on this morning, That cant be right about ready to send mine back also

Linda January 10, 2015 um 5:54 am

Hi. Are you getting a full size screen when you play words? Ours comes up miniature we cannot play?

maddie December 29, 2012 um 11:51 pm

Is it really worth it to buy

denise December 31, 2012 um 4:43 pm

My children gave this to me for xmas….was so excited….it was pink and so thin ….nothing works…so bummed…I lv the size and color, but my son is ready to use it as a frisbee…guess it is going back 🙁 it needs to it is not a good product and shame on for writing good reviews which persuaded my children to make this purchase

zach March 17, 2013 um 1:03 am

This tablet is worthless we have 4 of them and two get stuck on the screen that said android and they bread easily and everything gets erased randomly so this is a terrible product

Michael Bice July 26, 2015 um 4:01 pm

Mine is stuck on android also. What did you do to get it passed that?

Jamie April 6, 2013 um 8:05 pm

The comments after this article are pretty much on the money when questioning the visual land tablets. I would say the tablet is just "ok". I have had little problems installing apps from 1market mobile, everything seems to function ok, but the tablet itself is slow. You are basically getting what you pay for. I might reccommend this device as long as you don’t mind waiting for the device to catch up with you from time to time. The next time I buy a tablet I doubt it will be another one of these "bargain" tablets. If you decide to buy this tablet for yourself or a family member, just remember, it takes more patience than technical knowledge to use this tablet. Furthermore, some days the tablet functions great and some days not so great but hey, you only paid a little under $200.00 for the thing so what do you expect. To conclude it’s definately not an IPad or Nexus.

Cathy February 8, 2015 um 2:08 pm

I bought a visual land tablet on the HSN channel its awesome! Now I need to read about taking the videos and photos I paid 139.00 on sale so far I really like it. Cathy.

jacki lamphire May 26, 2013 um 2:43 pm

how do hook your visual land android tablet to verizon fios…it only lets me go on under lynksys and not vfons5

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Jane B June 29, 2013 um 3:55 pm

For those trying to use the Kindle app on the Visual Land tablet, when you get the black screen try turning your tablet the other way. I had the same issues and realizes if I turned the screen long way then it worked…not sure why but glad it did. Hope this helps someone else!

sarah October 29, 2013 um 9:48 am

please help! i bought two of these for my daughters for christmas. one of them works great, the other is saying i cant use the camera without a sd card. neither one of these has a sd card so im wondering why one is working without and the other will not. please help should i reset it all together?

Don December 19, 2013 um 12:58 pm

bought (2) of the Visual Land tablets from Wal-Mart. I have returned both and got my money back. I don’t use it every day and after it sits awhile and you turn it on it goes to open and locks up. I guess you get what you pay for. I will not buy another. I will spend a little more and get one I know will work properly.

Nate Hoffelder December 19, 2013 um 1:02 pm

How much are you willing to spend? I found the $100 HP Mesquite tablet to be a good value.

lisa December 20, 2013 um 2:58 pm

I just bought one for my mom for Christmas, it’s been charging like it said to. I still can not get the sob to turn on. I’m a lil mad about that!

Steve November 27, 2014 um 11:41 am

Hold the power button down til the screen lights up

sarah friend December 9, 2014 um 4:38 pm

where is the is the ON?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Crystal December 26, 2013 um 10:14 am

I have a 7 inch tablet and it seems to be working just fine until yesterday. I went to put it on charge and when i came back to it all I got was a battery sign with a triangle in the middle and an exclaimation mark in the triangle. What does that mean???

Nate Hoffelder December 26, 2013 um 10:27 am

I don’t know what that means. Something happened, but without more information I can’t say what it was.

Did the battery feel warm? Did you try unplugging and plugging in the tablet? Did you try rebooting the tablet?

Cynthia May 26, 2014 um 10:19 am

I’m having the same problem and I’m trying to find out what’s causing the battery with the triangle in the middle. someone asked if we rebooted, well you can’t get it to come on. I unplugged it and I’m trying to see if I can let the battery run down all the way.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Nate Hoffelder May 26, 2014 um 5:39 pm

That is usually a sign that it’s not charging. Either the battery or the charging circuit is defective.

sarah friend December 9, 2014 um 4:39 pm

I just got it

sheala January 6, 2015 um 10:03 pm

my daughters got these tablets for their birthdays already had to send one back because it would not charge and now the other one is doing the same thing, is there anything I can do?

sasha January 7, 2014 um 5:48 pm

How to delete photos from visual land tablet?

Nate Hoffelder January 7, 2014 um 6:12 pm

The easy way would be to plug the tablet in to your PC via USB. Then open the tablet as a USB drive on your PC and delete the photos from there.

pam April 1, 2014 um 9:29 pm

I bought myself a tablet 2wks ago I was told that it was the best my worst mistake the thing goes to sleep ever so often resets it self when ever , always have some net work problem this thing is worthless waste of money never again with this brand

Dean June 7, 2014 um 7:14 pm

I got this table about a year ago and he stop working before the year was up just stop loading up and would not start again would not buy it again.

bradley July 31, 2014 um 5:32 pm

I have a 8 in. Visual Land tablet that takes ’bout a day and a half to charge and runs out of battery QUICK does anyone have suggestions my brother said battery doctor but he has an iPod 5 so email me if u have any suggestions

Brenda Macy September 21, 2014 um 6:25 am

My camera on prestige 7 16gb just stopped working. It pops up gallery has stopped working.

Steve November 27, 2014 um 11:38 am

No Complaints what so ever, I love this tablet. I have the Presttige Elite 10Q and I have not had one single complaint on this tablet. "EVERYTHING WORKS ON IT" I would recommend this to a friend and I would purchase another one of these again……

sarah friend December 9, 2014 um 4:46 pm

I will be returning this tablet and I I WANT MY MONEY. THIS IS A PIECE OF CRAP.

Roberta January 10, 2015 um 12:39 pm

Maybe some of the issues are with the users, like me. A bit difficult to figure out – even taking photos, looks very grainy. How do I delete whatever I already put in (my personal info) before returning tablet?

Nate Hoffelder January 10, 2015 um 1:01 pm

I answered your question about reset elsewhere, so let me get the question about the photos.

I’ve noticed that there are four common causes of poor photos taken with Android devices: not enough light, a smudged lens, a shaky hand, or a bad camera.

If you eliminate the first three then you’re left with a poor quality camera sensor.

kay May 9, 2015 um 1:16 am


Roberta January 10, 2015 um 12:37 pm

Decided to return my Visual Land -how do I delete my personal information before returning tablet?

Nate Hoffelder January 10, 2015 um 12:57 pm

I’m not sure about your device but when it comes to general Android, here’s what I would say:

Under the settings menu, there’s an option for backup & reset. That includes a factory reset which will wipe your data.

If you can’t see B&R as its own option under settings, look for "security" or possibly "about my device". The reset is there somewhere.

Roberta January 10, 2015 um 1:48 pm

Read on page 47 of booklet how to restore to factory settings. Appears to have cleared out my personal data before I return tablet.

Doris February 14, 2015 um 7:45 am

Why I take pictures they come blurred?

Carla February 23, 2015 um 11:18 am

Bought the of these December of 2013. One completely died ten months later. Died=would not power on or charge. The second one no longer has sound! The third one takes at least a day to charge and constantly has to be restarted due to freezing up. Would not purchase these again and would not recommend them to anyone!

Cindy March 16, 2015 um 7:53 pm

My tablet has been working totally fine.. until yesterday… I can’t get it to charge.. I plug in to charge and it just keeps flashing Visual Land and not rebooting.. I have noticed the battery life has gotten shorter.. anyone have any other suggestions on charging with using the AC adapter??? I have tried the USB and that is when it just flashes Visual Land… HELP!!!

kay May 9, 2015 um 1:36 am has some softwear..
write B.B.B Better business burea for sure. At.
Not right to steal $135.00 plus total rip off fight back.

Joan August 4, 2015 um 3:14 am

How do I reboot, the screen froze

Nate Hoffelder August 4, 2015 um 6:24 am

Press and hold the power button until the screen goes blank. This will turn off the tablet.

Haley Housley October 1, 2015 um 1:38 pm

I have one of these they are the best!

Bailey3 December 26, 2015 um 9:34 am

I received for Christmas a Visual-Land Prestige Elite 9QL android tablet. I cannot to the WiFi. I have a computer so I use that WiFi connection and password. It then states saved, and then states then it states authenticating and then authenticating problem.

Nate Hoffelder December 26, 2015 um 10:28 am

The only times I have seen an error message which mentioned authentication issues is when I’ve entered the password wrong.

I would try to connect to the Wifi again, and after it fails, select the connection and tell the tablet to "forget" it. Then set up the Wifi network again.

Angel January 20, 2016 um 5:30 pm

I brought the visual land tablet for my husband for a Christmas gift he only had it for a few months. He was playing on it one morning and the screen froze up on him and he have not been able to do anything on it since. I had a two year warranty on the tablet and they told me in order for them to assist me any further that I would need to seen three pictures which I did and it did not do any good because they still did not replace the tablet. I will never ever buy a tablet from this company again and I will be sure to tell my family and friends not to purchase any of their products. I am a very dissatisfied customer

lola broughton January 29, 2016 um 3:16 pm


Linda February 6, 2016 um 2:40 pm

I can’t connect to wifi, I have rentered the pin # so many times. check the modem without any result. What can I do

Nate Hoffelder February 6, 2016 um 2:45 pm

I’d need more specifics before I could help you, but one problem I have encountered is that some types of Wifi security will let you type in lower-case characters in place of upper-case characters. My current network will not, and that detail keeps tripping people up.

Perhaps this troubleshooting guide will help?

Ezekiel Leavell Jr. December 11, 2016 um 4:35 pm

I am reaching out to anyone that can answer a question. I am a former professional soldier that was assigned to the Washington D.C. during its transition from a manual system to an automated one. I mention this because of some knowledge obtained while working with computers in 1976-7. This true story left me jaded about their use. I own several devices and if my cell phone is included I own 6 devices. I am having problems reconnecting a recently purchased a Visual Land Prestige Elite 8Ql. It continues to disconnect from my AT&T Uverse modem. I can’t get resolution to correct it. Is there anyone that can convey in lay term how to correct it? I’ve spoken with AT&T where they have run a diagnostic and the settings are good from their end. I have sent a message to Visual Land and still awaiting a response. I can not for the life of me get the page that list available wifi channels. CAN ANYONE HELP AN OLD ARMY SERGEANT OUT?

Thomas December 11, 2016 um 10:40 pm

I don’t have this particular tablet, so anything I tell you may be wrong if Visual Land changed the Android defaults. That said, the wifi list can generally be found by going to APPS, then SETTINGS, then either WIFI or WIRELESS & NETWORKS.

As far as the disconnection problem, try using a wifi analyzer app to see if any other wifi signals in the area could be interfering with your router. If another wifi signal is on a nearby channel to yours, that can cause problems. You may try switching your router’s channel to avoid interference. AT&T should be able to help with that, at least.

Guy February 21, 2018 um 2:00 pm

Can I play netflix through my tablet on to my tv using the charging mini port with hemi.
Thank you

Kate March 23, 2019 um 11:17 pm

Do not buy this product! It is the worse tablet ever!

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