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Samsung’s Android tablets now showing up in schools, airplanes

Samsung have a couple feathers to add to their cap today.

They recently announced on Flickr that the 7′ Galaxy tab would soon be used in a pilot program in South Korea. Daegu High School will partner with Samsung to create a "Smart School". The galaxy tab will be used to replace most activities including schoolwork and communicating between parents and teachers. The pilot will also use RFID tags to monitor the student’s location.

Only 100 gTabs will be used in the pilot, though.'

Samsung also signed a deal with American Airlines to deploy 6 thousand gTab 10.1 Android tablets on certain flights later this year. The gTab will replace the airline’s current personal entertainment device in in first class on long distance transcontinental flights (JFK/SF, Boston/LA, JFK/LA, Miami/LA) as well as some international flights.

Given how much a first class ticket costs it might be better to simply buy a tablet and fly coach. I’m sure it would cost less.

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Olympia Press June 14, 2011 um 1:16 am

Not to diss Samsung, but Daegu’s a company town. The design win at Daegu high is roughly on a par with Apple somehow getting Cupertino Elementary to take a few iPads.

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