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SanDisk Crams 200GB into a MicroSD Card

If 128GB isn’t enough space for your porn collection then I have some good news for you. SanDisk  is showing off 200GB microSD card, a 56% jump on the current highest capacity microSD, which is 128GB.


SanDisk isn’t sharing the specific details on how they pulled this off, but they did say that they achieved the higher capacity by using a proprietary design and production process for the chip in the card.

Whatever that process is, it looks like SanDisk may have come up against the limits of current tech. While Flash storage usually doubles in size (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, etc) the new card is not even close to double the storage of the next biggest microSD card (128GB). This suggests that SanDisk is has run up against a limit on just how tightly they can squeeze in the Flash.

The new card supports data transfer speeds of up to 90MB per second. It’s going to be available next quarter for $400.


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Richard Dean Starr March 1, 2015 um 9:28 pm

That’s not NEARLY enough. I mean, if you don’t need an external drive with RAID, then you just don’t have enough porn. Um, I’ve heard 🙂

Nate Hoffelder March 1, 2015 um 9:30 pm

Heh. I was expecting someone to express surprise that anyone still downloads porn, instead of streaming it.

jjj March 2, 2015 um 3:15 am

Their 128GB card was 16 NAND dies and the controller stacked inside a 1mm thick package. That’s 16x64Gb. here they would need 16x100Gb dies , that’s easy enough to get to if they are using TLC but also likely doable if they are using MLC on 15nm.
They are rather good at die efficiency today and stacking 17 layers in a 1 mm thick package is rather hard too.

Richard Dean Starr March 3, 2015 um 12:17 pm

"…rather hard too." Hmm, he said it. Yeah, and he said "package" too.

Gosh, it’s nice to be mature fans and professionals of the book industry.

Otherwise, I’d be worried.

Javi March 2, 2015 um 7:19 am

"If 128GB isn’t enough space for your porn collection…" hahahahaha

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