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Some light reading for the weekend

This photo popped up on Reddit today. You’re looking at an original reference doc for the Saturn V. It was originally published for the Apollo Lunar Program. Do you see the signature? That’s Werner von Braun. Do you have any idea how much that thing’s worth?!? It’s a neat photo, but I’m not the type to be satisfied with just looking at a historical document when I could be reading it. I did some digging , and I found this page on the NASA History website.You’ll find a scanned to PDF copy of this manual, but you’ll also find a bunch of other really shiny stuff.

BTW, some of the comments on Reddit are priceless.

You know what makes this really mindblowing? Not only did they have less computing power than a Commodore-64 did… but they managed to get PDFs to display.

Adobe’s Reader wasn’t so bloated back then.

Apollo 12 Flight Journal via Reddit

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Mike Cane December 27, 2010 um 10:46 am

WTF? Did you see this?

>>>Specifically, the unauthorized creation of personal copies, or of copies for sale is prohibited.

Not even PERSONAL copies? Who are they trying to bully?

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